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June 28, 2010

Indy Car Gets a New Oval Destination for Next Year

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The Indy Car Series did something this weekend heretofore thought impossible. An Indy Car ran hot laps in front of a NASCAR crowd as a marketing ploy. The occasion was a Cup race at New Hampshire. That is now a Bruton Smith SMI facility, and the return of Indy Racing to the track was announced officially over the weekend.

Loudon is great news. That facility has the reputation of being a driver track, and Randy Bernard is correct when indicating it fills a geographic hole. Given SMI-level promotion, it may draw a crowd this time around. By the looks of the NASCAR crowd over the weekend, it appears the track could use the business.

Also rumored to be returning in the next couple of years is Belle Isle, the underdeveloped home of lots of creepy critters near Detroit. It is easy to understand bending over for the ‘Big Three,’ but Detroit seems poised to evolve away from autos, much like cities such as Indianapolis and Fort Wayne did decades ago. In a bigger social sense, most of Detroit would be better off being bulldozed over. The same could be said of the area around IMS along 16th and 30th Streets.

In the opinion of many lifelong Indy fans, the track in Michigan Indy Cars need to race on is MIS. Removal of that facility from the schedule is one of the single most offensive screwing of Indy Car fans in history. Of course for a great show you need at least 28 – 30 cars, and the track is currently owned by ISC, which makes for a somewhat toxic relationship.

One critical question for management is to evaluate what Detroit has done for Indy Car lately. Other than providing pace cars and some support vehicles, not much. Would a Belle Isle race get one or more back into the series? Maybe Belle Isle would be good if they built a small bullring oval on it. Then it could host many events throughout the year. Mr. Penske, if you really want to redevelop, why not consider that?



  1. Build an oval! Why not? the Belle Isle lay out is not that good.

    Paging Roger!!!!

    Comment by M. Miller — June 28, 2010 @ 12:51 pm | Reply

  2. There’s really only one reason to race Belle Isle. Penske wants it.

    Comment by redd — June 28, 2010 @ 1:56 pm | Reply

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