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June 30, 2010

Question for IBJ: Why Is Anthony Schoettle Writing About Indy Car?

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Writing About Indy Car - The Manual

It is hard to know whether to laugh or be angry, or simply ignore his latest blog/column about Indy Car, the one in which he grades the performance of its new leader. Ambivalence is probably a good present course. On one hand, laughing at someone like Anthony Schoettle is easy because you find yourself wondering what qualifications he has to be any sort of judge of Randy Bernard’s performance as the leader of Indy Car Racing, especially after only four months. On the other, being miffed comes naturally because he works for a respected publication but routinely craps out the kind of nonsense generally reserved for Indy Car hate sites.

It is one thing when Robin Miller, Gordon Kirby or John Oreovicz take gratuitous, arrogant swipes at something connected to Indy Car. They have been in the business a long while and although they all took turns working for cart they at least know the lay of the land. It is quite another when a business columnist with little discernable experience takes a turn on that particular potty.

Bernard has made more considerable forward strides in four months than Indy Car did in the last four years. How does that rate any grade, and how can he be graded this early? Schoettle has gotten into a routine of smarmy Enquirer-type coverage. With all the genuine sports related business news; e.g., the Pacers latest plight, the raping of Hoosier taxpayers over the past few years to make Indianapolis a sports mecca, etc., why all the focus on a 100-year old institution that generates hundreds of millions of dollars of local economic impact and more than every other sports entity combined? Has he seen Indy Car contracts with Versus, ABC, Izod or others? How would he know what clauses are in them?

How much longer is a war that ended years ago going to continue to be fought? Readers of IBJ deserve far better than the nonsense being shoveled by that particular writer. I would give them a D- for that hire. The only reason he won’t fail is because he runs spell check and manages good grammar.



  1. That was a sad and fact challanged article. His statment that Bernard has brought “no new sponsors” would be arugued against by Shell, Verizon, Avis, and Sunoco. And his last Indycar article stated he thought teh Danica/Kannan rivarly could damage Indycar, when most likely the oppsite is true, so he’s not the brightest…

    Comment by dylanpt24 — June 30, 2010 @ 8:25 pm | Reply

  2. Spot on, Defender. See Roy Hobbson’s clever spoof at The Silent Pagoda.


    Comment by Gurney Eagle — June 30, 2010 @ 8:58 pm | Reply

  3. The phrase Rome wasn’t built in a day keeps coming to mind…

    Comment by Matt — July 2, 2010 @ 6:45 pm | Reply

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