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July 6, 2010

Reworking the IZOD Indy Car Schedule in a Meaningful Way

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Most NASCAR fans are great people. They are passionate about ‘stock’ car racing and they like what they like. Most of them are willing to sample Indy Car and vice-versa. Then there are fringe idiots who believe there is a ‘war’ between Indy Car and NASCAR. They go on and on about ‘Indy arrogance’ and other nonsense. How can someone who is a fan of NASCAR be insecure about Indy Car? The popularity pendulum still favors the tin tops.

If anyone is arrogant, it seems to be those in charge of NASCAR. A blogger for the Birmingham News talked to Brian France the other day about the possibility of an Indy Car/Sprint Cup doubleheader. “We won’t be doing doubleheaders with the Sprint Cup levels,” according to France. “That won’t be possible because of scheduling issues. We don’t have any interest in doing that either.”

It is difficult to find any more of a clear cut reason to sever ties with ISC and intensify those with SMI. That’s not war. That’s business. Randy Bernard indicated he would love to have the season closer in Las Vegas as early as next season. Sounds good to me as long as it takes place on the oval and gets promoted. That would be a lot more fun than Homestead.


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  1. Make no mistake that the battle lines are being drawn, Mr. Bernard is going to be SMI’s BFF.

    Comment by Aaron — July 6, 2010 @ 5:27 am | Reply

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