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July 29, 2010

Looking Ahead to Indy Cars in 2012

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2012 is a great time for American based manufacturers to jump back into Indy Car. They can provide powerplants and ‘clothing’ and brand the entire car as a Ford, Chevy, Dodge or something else. The cost is less, too. I also believe the idea of branding a car with the name of an aircraft manufacturer is cool as well. Adequate lead time is reality, and there has never been a more opportune moment.

It appears Indy Car brass is working that angle relatively heavily all over the world. The current Chrysler linkage with Fiat is interesting with regard to possibility. GM and Ford seem bound by forced conservatism, and although both have come a long way since the recession kicked in branding an Indy Car may not be in their immediate plans.

There exist many options for engines, and entities such as Cosworth seem logical as potential participants. It is high time someone challenged Honda. Their record of success is unquestioned, but as controller of many of the rules part of their reliability results from not having to stretch the envelope.

The ‘Big 4’ probably wonder why they spend so much money in NASCAR, which continues losing butts in seats, eyeballs in front of televisions and dollars from sponsors. A freshened, more wide open Indy Car spec could well be positioned as an efficient way for such manufacturers to get far more bang for their bucks.

The next season and a half will be made more interesting watching who decides to participate. Hopefully the announcements/press conferences will be regularly scheduled. Maybe I’ll find myself a competent rocket scientist, build a cutting edge aero kit, subcontract for fast motors and brand the creation a ‘Defender!’


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  1. Looks like Lotus has confirmed they’re in. That alone gives reason for excitment as they plan to build a areo kit. You Penske will have one. I expect Dallara will build one too..

    In order for part of the golden years to return with chassis variation, someone had to get creative. I think the ICONIC board made the right choice going with the Dallara wing.

    If this idea was Ben Bowlby’s, he deserves credit.

    Comment by M. Miller — July 29, 2010 @ 2:18 pm | Reply

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