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August 9, 2010

Indy Car and Their Fans Meet in Ohio

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The racing weekend was packed with motoring certain to fulfill the desires of road racing enthusiasts anywhere. NASCAR ran its Grand Am, Nationwide and Cup Series events at Watkins Glen, where Chip Ganassi’s team ruled the roost and some dadgum foreigners won.

Indy Car continued the winning ways for ‘ol Floyd with (I actually heard a NASCAR fan call him this once) a win at mid-Ohio for ‘Darrell Franchetty.’

ESPN NASCAR Partnership Manual

Indy Car’s ‘partner,’ ESPN, completely ignored Indy Car as usual (save for an AP story about the race and a John Oreovicz column on the web page) and continued their fawning over NASCAR, treating it again across their platforms as if it is the second coming of Christ. If nothing else it shows ESPN’s idea of ‘partnership’ remains substantially distant from equal.

In their defense they have probably run out of things to say given that Ganassi or Penske win every race. They are unable to even pronounce driver names. For those inclined to find stories in Indy Car, they are there. Honda believes Indy Car is a worthwhile partner. They re-upped through 2015. Other interesting story lines include:

-Takuma Sato’s discovery that braking in an Indy Car is not as crisp as in F-1 cars.

-KV’s crash damage bills.

-Simona De Silvestro’s magnificent starts and finishes toward the front in a backup car with a small team.

-Wondering what happened to the chemistry that had the Andretti team competing at the Penske/Ganassi level for a few years.

-The sudden influx of rookies.

-It is nice to any Lights graduate get a ride, and that probably ought to happen more often instead of the selling of seats to high bidders from other countries.

-Most of the IRL-obsessed blithering idiots go on and on about poor crowds, but mid-Ohio drew an awesome crowd, as have most other non-ISC tracks.

The boys and girls are headed for California next for more road racing, then the season concludes with four ovals, including three most fans can actually get to.



  1. Dear Defender: I guess NASCAR has also become a haven for washed up F1 drivers as well with JPM winning the Sprint Cup and Nelson Piquet, Jr. and Jacques Villenueve both finishing in the top ten in the Nationwide event…regarding Dario’s win and his post race comments, I believe that we can all benefit from his insight when he said that he saw no distinction between his wins in the former series and his victors in the IRL…we can go on and on about the poor decisions and short-sightedness that plagued both series for too long or we can focus on the positives that include moving the chassis in a different (and cheaper) direction and perhaps having more than one engine manufacturer supply the field…let’s face it, the 500 was at once the immovable object and the irresistable force…CART had the star drivers, well funded teams and multiple chassis, tires and engines but lacked the only race that really matters…TG had the crown jewel and a few solid drivers, teams and venues but he lacked the draw of the established series…in the end, all we ended up with was a tarnished reputation and having open wheel relegated to the back of the pack…15 years ago, open wheel was king, Bernie was worried about CART advancing on Europe and the world and NASCAR was a regional series dedicated to those still fighting the civil war…we must concentrate on growing the sport and hoping that Ropin’ Randy can continue making the right moves, hoping that Comcast broadcasts the series on NBC and hoping that the racing remains competitive (forgetting that the battle for the win came down to Ganassi v. Penske, again) to keep us interested and attract the next generation of fans.

    Editor’s Note: I got on the cart bailout wagon the day Tony George announced it. Some call it ‘reunification’ but I have always felt you cannot ‘reunify’ with boycotters, particularly given their precarious financial position and the fact they bankrupted themselves, twice. In any event…it is water under the bridge. I am glad they got bailed out. One series is definitely better with everyone involved. Franchitti has always kind of given me the creeps…he seems to have an arrogance that his heroes did not. Nevertheless he is good for the series. I wish the new specs kicked in next season instead of 2012.

    Comment by Neil Rubin — August 9, 2010 @ 1:36 pm | Reply

  2. Ho hum, different race, same result. Oh well, if you have the funds, you have them, if you don’t, you don’t, it’s that simple. I think my favorite part of Mid-Ohio was Tagliani finishing fourth, which meant he was ahead of at least two of the Penske/Ganassi juggernaut. And yeah, whatever happened to the once-mighty Andretti team? With rare exceptions, only Hunter-Reay is showing any sign of life. Michael is probably sorry he hired Princess Danica now; she seems to be merely a sex symbol instead of a race driver. I guess that’s good for business in a sleazy way. Or something. Simona seems to be bringing new oomph to the feminine genders’ chances, good for her.

    Comment by DOUG — August 9, 2010 @ 3:06 pm | Reply

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