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August 12, 2010

Indy Car in Kansas…They Got Some Crazy Little Women There And We HOPE To Get Us One Again

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Kansas City is abuzz about a second NASCAR date and the casino next to the track. Good for them. Many folks put down the NASCAR-ized mile-and-a-half ovals, but the subtle differences in each have made for spectacular Indy Car racing in the past. Who can forget all the action our eyes have seen at Texas and Chicagoland?

Kansas is one of those tracks that started strong with Indy Car and lost its way. The ‘why’ involves plenty of blame spreading, and here is my stab at it:

-The homogenized Indy Car package has slowly killed the close, side-by-side action fans came to expect on those tracks. Kansas is like Kentucky in that it is flatter and wider some of the others. That type of track seems ideally suited to Indy Cars, but the Indy Car brain trust figured out a way to screw even that up. Unfortunately it was not before losing other great tracks (like Richmond) in the process. That problem has been reduced with tweaks, and the fan base hope that will continue.

-Moving dates from those that drew people to dates that won’t.

-Indy Car oval races do not provide enough off track diversion to keep people interested long term.

-The management of Kansas Speedway is beholden to their ownership, which is reflected, metaphorically speaking, by their stance on their knees in front of ISC’s unzipped trousers.

A KC Star writer named Randy Covitz offered a glimpse of hope for Indy Car fans like my group who travel out there every year for the Indy Car event (and barbecue). Lights at the track. That is a great idea simply because it can get stiflingly hot there, and night racing by Indy Cars offers not only a relief from heat but also provides better viewing of the action.

Before anyone gets too excited, consider the words of the track management, who have already been talking about the ‘challenges’ of an Indy Car race and whether ‘it makes sense’ with two Cup dates. Also consider the ‘no comment’ from the usually talkative Randy Bernard. In other words, prepare to say goodbye to Indy Car racing at Kansas. That will be a damned shame, another slap in the face to fans and the loss of a really nifty track in a nice geographic slot.


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