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August 31, 2010

More Great IZOD Indy Car Action on Tap at Kentucky Speedway

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Still no announcement about Chicagoland for next season, but the smart money is on track/series stupidity. After all, why have the consistently most exciting race in the country’s 3rd largest media market in the heart of the Midwest when another pointless street event could be held? Do I sound bitter? That is because it is not difficult to reach that point.

That said, a pretty good SMI oval in Kentucky that always provides a great race is on tap next, and it’s not owned by ISC. There are rumors that Bruton and crew are going to cookie cutter the track in the off season. That probably means higher banking and a closer pit lane.

Musical chairs continue in the series, most notably the Mike Conway 24 car. Ana Beatriz is out; Paul Tracy is in. He must have some money to spend. Personally I would much rather see an up-and-comer like Bia than a downhill slider like Tracy. But then again I only spend money as a fan, so my opinion does not really matter.

The Defender party will be there Friday and Saturday for what we hope is a great time again. See you there!



  1. Dear Defender,

    I am on the way to Louisville this weekend for the Kentucky race and I am looking forward to more wheel to wheel action…we have to salute the professionalism and level heads that prevailed this past Saturday at Chicago where the drivers raced on the razor’s edge at 215 MPH for lap after lap. And hats off to Ganassi and Dario for the call to pit and take only fuel in order to get the car to the front of the pack…although the racing was awesome and proof of how great oval racing can be, the stands looked too empty on TV and the Versus coverage continues to disappoint…why can’t this series showcase its close and breath taking racing and draw in more live fans at the track and on TV?

    Comment by Neil Rubin — August 31, 2010 @ 3:23 pm | Reply

  2. Why get rid of the most consistently exciting race in the 3rd largest media market in favor of another pointless street event? Probably for the same reason that they got rid of the oval race in the 2nd largest media market (LA). Because the media doesn’t cover it, the promoters/track owners (ISC) don’t promote it, and ultimately, the fans in the area don’t care enough to buy the tickets. And in the case of LA, fans have shown they’d RATHER go to a ‘pointless street race’ (LBGP) than go to Fontana to watch a stand on it and turn left race. And at least at a pointless street event, you’ll have a local media/community that will get behind the event; I guarantee you right now that the Baltimore street race next year will draw 3 times the crowd in the stands that Chicago drew this past weekend. And the racing will be three times worse. And the fans will be so liquored up they won’t care. It’ll be like the Preakness…with a hell of a lot more horsepower.

    As for Tracy, I beg to differ. I am glad he is getting a seat for a couple races. Yes, I am an old CART/ChampCar fan, and no, I don’t think he won the 2002 500, but I still enjoy watching (and listening) to the Thrill from West Hill. He is something that many of today’s drivers aren’t; colorful, outspoken, and direct. He’s a Canadian AJ Foyt. (Albeit without the resume); although instead of hating Luyenduyk, the Chrome Horn doesn’t like the French-Canadians. In this age of Casper J. Milquetoast interviews, Tracy stands out as a breath of fresh air.

    Also, I have to think some of your dislike of Tracy has less to do with your like of/desire to see Ana Beatriz, and more with Tracy’s participation in CART/Champcar, the 2002 Indy500, and his continual use of the word ‘crapwagon’ to describe the Dallara, and the IRL. I may be wrong on that last part. But I doubt it.

    Comment by Steven Kornya — September 1, 2010 @ 5:15 am | Reply

    • I think he was the 2002 winner of the Indianapolis 500

      Comment by rosco — September 1, 2010 @ 9:44 pm | Reply

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