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September 3, 2010

The Dark Side of Indy Car Fandom: Idiots

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It certainly would be festive to have 100% actual racing fans in our sport. Unfortunately a small handful of zealots continuously try to ruin it for everyone, and it happens every single time I venture into any of the popular or obscure forums along the www. Generally, these hooligans fall into two distinct categories:

-disenfranchised cart idiots

-over the top redneck, ignorant, illiterate NASCAR idiots

There are, of course, various uppity twisty course aficionados who try to shout everyone down about how F1 or ALMS or whatever is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but there are so few of these people in real life in America that they are very easy to ignore.

Before all the knee jerk defensiveness starts there are Indy Car-centric idiots as well, but realistically there are even fewer of those than the aforementioned twisty beings.

Let us discuss disenfranchised cart enthusiasts first. Yesterday the Indy Car Series released some IRL-only records in honor of the 200th Indy Car race under IRL sanction. There are some pretty noteworthy items in the list:

The 200th Race – Did You Know: The Kentucky Indy 300 marks the 200th IZOD IndyCar Series race. There have been 86 IZOD IndyCar Series (and its title predecessors) races with a margin of victory of less than one second. That’s through 199 events. Of those, the pole sitter has won only 28 percent of the time.

The above numbers point out how close the competition has been throughout the existence of the Indy Racing League’s top division.

The first race was Jan. 27, 1996, at Walt Disney World Speedway (Buzz Calkins winner) and the 100th race was Aug. 29, 2004, at Nazareth Speedway (Dan Wheldon winner). Race No. 200 is this weekend at Kentucky Speedway.

* The age of winners in the IZOD IndyCar Series ranges from the youngest at 19 (Graham Rahal in 2008) to the oldest at 45 (Arie Luyendyk in 1998).

* Jeff Ward is the only driver to win a race by leading just the final lap. He accomplished that at the June Texas race in 2002. It was his only IZOD IndyCar Series victory.

* Dan Wheldon is the only IZOD IndyCar Series Rookie of the Year (2004) to follow up the next season by winning the series championship.

* There have been 42 different winners in the 199 IZOD IndyCar Series races. Sixteen of those have won one IZOD IndyCar Series race. Among those are current drivers Marco Andretti, Danica Patrick and Graham Rahal.

* In the 199 IZOD IndyCar Series races, only the 2009 finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway was run caution-free.

* Treadway Racing was the first team to finish 1-2 in an IZOD IndyCar Series race (Indianapolis, 1997). Team Menard was the first team to start 1-2 in an IZOD IndyCar Series race (Texas, 1997).

* Helio Castroneves has competed in 26 of the 32 Firestone Fast Six sessions — the most of any driver.

* Castroneves, Scott Dixon and Tony Kanaan are the only drivers to have competed in at least one Firestone Fast Six session in each of the past six seasons.

* Will Power is only driver to have competed in every Firestone Fast Six session this season. Since 2005, at least one driver has competed in all of the Firestone Fast Six sessions during the season. (Castroneves and Kanaan in 2005; Dixon, Castroneves, Dario Franchitti and Kanaan in both 2006 and ’07; Ryan Briscoe in 2008; and Franchitti in 2009).

* Buddy Lazier is the only driver to win the pole for his first IZOD IndyCar Series start. That was in the first IZOD IndyCar Series race in 1996 at Walt Disney World Speedway. Lazier did not win another pole.

* Buzz Calkins won the first IZOD IndyCar Series in 1996 at Walt Disney World Speedway. It was his only win in the series.

* Juan Pablo Montoya won the 2000 Indianapolis 500, which was his first and only IZOD IndyCar Series start.

* Scott Dixon won his first career IZOD IndyCar Series race in 2003 at Homestead-Miami Speedway in his first career IZOD IndyCar Series start. He went on to win the series championship that year.

* Robbie Buhl’s second career IZOD IndyCar Series win came at Walt Disney World Speedway in 2000 with Dryer and Reinbold Racing. It was the team’s first IZOD IndyCar Series start. Buhl is now part-owner of the team.

* The largest starting field in the 199 races was 35 cars at the Indianapolis 500 in 1997. The largest starting field outside of the Indianapolis 500 was 31 cars at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 1997.

* Four drivers have won a pole in the IZOD IndyCar Series but have never won a race: Sarah Fisher, Marco Greco, Bruno Junqueira and Vitor Meira.

* Fourteen drivers have won a race in the IZOD IndyCar Series but have never won a pole: Alex Barron, Kenny Brack, Robbie Buhl, Buzz Calkins, Airton Dare, Adrian Fernandez, Ryan Hunter-Reay, Felipe Giaffone, Jim Guthrie, Juan Pablo Montoya, John Paul Jr., Eliseo Salazar, Al Unser Jr. and Jeff Ward.

* In the 199 IZOD IndyCar Series races, there have been six women to start at least one race: Lyn St. James, Sarah Fisher, Danica Patrick, Milka Duno, Ana Beatriz and Simona De Silvestro. Five started in the same race at Indianapolis and Chicagoland this year.

* Only three drivers have won three consecutive races: Scott Dixon (2007), Dan Wheldon (2005) and Kenny Brack (1998).

By the numbers

182 – Different drivers to start an IZOD IndyCar Series races; 24 of those have started only one IZOD IndyCar Series race.

147 – Most starts by a driver (Scott Sharp). Helio Castroneves can tie the record by starting the rest of the races this season.

94 – Different drivers to lead at least one lap.

51 – Most drivers to start at least one race during an IZOD IndyCar Series season. This occurred during the 2001 season.

31 – Different tracks where the IZOD IndyCar Series has competed. Texas Motor Speedway has been the site of the most IZOD IndyCar Series races with 21.

22 – Different states where the IZOD IndyCar Series has competed.

4 – Countries other than the United States (Brazil, Canada, Japan, Australia) where the IZOD IndyCar Series has competed. The October 2008 Australia race was non-points exhibition.

2 – Women to start on the pole at the same track in the IZOD IndyCar Series (Sarah Fisher, 2002 and Danica Patrick, 2005 at Kentucky Speedway).

37,076 – Laps run in the 199 IZOD IndyCar Series races.

343 – Most consecutive laps led by one driver. Scott Dixon led the final 84 laps at Pikes Peak, all 206 laps at Richmond and the first 53 laps at Kansas during the 2003 season.

Predictably, the ‘cart was the greatest’ loudmouths had a conniption fit worse than a two year old pulled off an item in the toy aisle at Wal-Mart. Evidently they do not feel the fifteen-year-old IRL evolution of the sport is worthy of such tooting. The feel the IRL is ignoring all the cart records. My advice: Grow up. Indy Car was fairly clear at the outset. Anyone with a brain understands the actual history of Indy Car as a sport is a century old. Expressing angst over the publicity of IRL records is stupid, especially given its 200th race. Just say ‘that’s nice’ and enjoy the sport without being whiny little girls.

I enjoy most NASCAR fans and watch most of their races. There are a few, however, who are as ignorant as they come. One of their favorite pastimes is revising actual history to fit their illiterate hilljack prejudices.

Here is an example: ‘Go back farther, when hulman had Bill France thrown off the grounds of IMS for the crime of asking if a NASCAR race could be run there, I believe that was still in the AAA era and it reflected the feeling and the attitude of AAA Indy fans toward NASCAR and toward stock car racing. This was going on LONG before cart or i*l were dreamed up.

Just like a cart idiot, only slightly more retarded. Here is another example: ‘Well, I doubt the track will go out of business, My guess is that either ISC or SMI will buy it, possibly at a rock bottom price, but I doubt it will close down. I would prefer ISC buy it, simply because it would be the fulfillment of Bill France Sr’s words from back in the early 50s, when a JERK named Hulman had him thrown off of the grounds of the track for asking if a NASCAR race could be run there. He said as he was being thrown off the grounds, “One day I will own this place!” His family would own it if that sceniro came to pass so that is enough vindication for me!  Like I said however, I doubt it will close down.’

Back in February I set this record straight, but another characteristic of racing idiots is that they never listen to anyone.

Let us more closely examine the events of May 14, 1954, shall we? First you need to go to February 22, 1969. That is when the Daytona Beach Morning Journal ran a long, detailed piece about Big Bill France and his history. One paragraph pointed out a strong friendship he and Tony Hulman shared. Mr. Hulman did not sound like much of a JERK there. Probably not potentially a RACIST, either. Although Bill France was also close buddies with George Wallace. But I digress.

Let us clear up another idiot fallacy-Misconception 2: While it was true Mr. France was given a bum’s rush, it was not out of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it was out of the garage area of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Misconception 2A: Bill asking for a NASCAR date back in ’54, especially as the cause for the toss, has always been merely a twisted hilljack fantasy.

Third misconception: Tony Hulman did NOT order the Bill France toss. Harry McQuinn, the Brian Barnhart of his day, did. Why? Because France had fraudulently used a borrowed badge for entry to the garage area. That exact same trick will get you thrown out today and your badge will get revoked. It would have been a lot easier for Bill to ask Tony for credentials. Tony, his good friend, would have granted them immediately.

Fourth misconception: That he ever shouted one day he would ‘own the place.’ What he did confide privately to friends was that he would build a better 2.5 mile speedway than Indianapolis had. The high banked, poorly paved (at least now) Daytona track (the one with half the history, not to mention seats, of Indy) stands there in Daytona, and has become the NASCAR marquee.

But enough about idiots. It’s an IZOD Indy Car race weekend. This time it’s at a great little track fans are not likely to be screwed out of next season even though it’s just an oval. We’ll see you at Kentucky Speedway!



  1. Well, aren’t we full of ourself! CART was open wheel racing before TGTG put in mom’s 2 cents worth Many of us prefer races that turn left AND right.

    Editor’s Note: I go back to 1959 as a fan. Twenty years before cart. Those who pick cart’s 16 years as the only evolutionary period that matter are doing a disservice to themselves and to the sport, particularly when cutesy, idiotic nicknames are injected. Why not just enjoy a sport you claim to like?

    Comment by Pete V — September 3, 2010 @ 2:25 am | Reply

    • you may want to check your math skills tubs, cart was around alot longer than the 16 years you claim.

      as for you rubbing yourself one out while gloating over the 200th irl race (as has been pointed out, you are wrong on this as well), i will let you have your moment, as it pretty much is all you have nowadays.

      what is real laughable though, is you trying to point out certains fans as being idiots, when in fact, you truly are the biggest idiot out here.

      look at the facts defender, the fans have spoken quite loudly…it is the product they dislike. you can have all the close contrived races you want to, just like chicagoland, but the fans are stating the product sucks. when indycar had sweet cars loaded with horsepower, the fans showed up. what represents indycar right now, is a joke.

      Paul Ishmanob

      Editor’s Note: Hey, what do you know…a cart idiot pipes in right on cue.

      Comment by Paul Ishmanob — September 5, 2010 @ 2:14 pm | Reply

      • hey, what do you know….a complete idiot pipes in, predictably, on cue. you are too easy tubs, to easy to draw you out.

        Editor’s Note: Don’t you have ANY original material or do you just parrot whatever I say? Anything, oh, on topic? Relevant? Topical? Or just delinquency? Can’t you do ANY better? Do you understand that with every word you type you prove my point?

        Comment by Paul Ishmanob — September 6, 2010 @ 12:15 am

  2. Okay, I’m a CART-centric (or, at least, a former CART-centric) idiot, but come on people. Let it go. The list released was specifically related to the 200 races, sanctioned by the (Insert sponsor here) IRL/IndyCar Series since the split/boycott. ICS wasn’t ignoring the entire history of Open Wheel Racing (as they have, at times, appeared to do, most notably when they apparently overlook the entire history of AOW racing PRIOR to 1996), they were simply commemorating the 200th Izod Indy Car series race. I’m sure that CART/ChampCar would have done the same thing…if they had reached 200 races which they would have…if they hadn’t gone bankrupt…Twice.

    As for comparing whiny CART/Champcar fans to whiny NASCAR fans, I have only the following defense.

    At least we have teeth.

    Comment by Steven Kornya — September 3, 2010 @ 3:32 pm | Reply

  3. Actually, Chicagoland last week was the 200th race under the IRL banner. The one race the series’ leadership isn’t counting is the one at Charlotte in 1999. It was stopped before the halfway point because of the crash that killed three spectators. Those people didn’t get killed in a vacuum, but at a race that stopped 26 laps short of halfway. Greg Ray was leading at the time. Kentucky is actually race No. 201.

    Comment by A fan — September 4, 2010 @ 5:48 am | Reply

  4. f1 is older

    Comment by nosh pitt — September 5, 2010 @ 6:09 am | Reply

  5. also does this number include the champ car race at long beach in 2008 because it technically was both an IRL race and a Champcar race. Also is the 2008 indy at the gold coast counted

    Comment by nosh pitt — September 5, 2010 @ 10:33 am | Reply

  6. The CURRENT re-united Indy Car series is pretty bad with its total spec racing. It’s broadcast on TV is just horrible, and Bob Jenkins has made it unwatchable.

    The producers need to watch a Formula 1 broadcast to learn how an open wheel racing broadcast is done right. Side by side is a joke. You get a few minutes of racing then the same amount time in of commercials in side by side. The producers just love to go side by side during any action. I’ll take 15+ minutes of continous racing and 5 minutes of commercials over side by side, thanks.

    Comment by ponmlk — September 6, 2010 @ 9:28 am | Reply

    • Bob Jenkins is nothing but a bootlicking IMS shill. He used to have a gig calling Nascar races but they realized what a tool he was too.

      Editor’s Note: Who would be better? On that note, I noticed Marty Reid tryin’ to talk ‘southern’ to the ESPN Cup audience Sunday night from Atlanta. He just sounded stupid.

      Comment by TroyM — September 7, 2010 @ 12:13 pm | Reply

  7. Hey Defender… I’m ‘Juan ‘O ‘Dem whiny girl CART Crybabies uze enjoys picking on so much… But I think I’ve spotted an error in your Tuh-duh-duh-Duh IRL 200th Race promo… As I believe only 4 Females started in this year’s Indy 500 race; 2 Rookies, Sarah ‘N DannaWho? As I don’t think Milka made the cut…

    Editor’s Note: How astute of you for noticing. Best take that up with IMS, who published the material.

    Comment by TOMASO — September 6, 2010 @ 9:38 pm | Reply

  8. Leave it up to the cart crybabies and their in-depth coverage of the Indy Racing League to set the record straight. Thanks, fellas. Most of us don’t have the time to research as much as all of you do. We have jobs to go to.

    Comment by The fan — September 7, 2010 @ 1:33 am | Reply

  9. I have been an open wheel fan since my quarter midget days well over 50 years ago and got my first taste of big cars attending Champ Car Dirt Track Races. I love the series but why must I sit through a pre-race hour of fluff with such titillating subject matter as an Indy Car driver wake boarding with his fiance in Florida? I generally try to Tivo the race and I can’t tell you how many times I have missed the last 5 or 10 laps, which incidentally include the finish, due to time constraints. Helloooooo …. Do you think there might be some yellow-flag laps? I am a fan of Dario, Helio, Scott, Danica and others but I tune in to watch the race. How about we cover the race first and then have our touchy-feely session afterward if time allows? For the love of God I want to watch a complete race and I could care less about Jack Arute’s in depth pieces of (questionable)interest. I would consider watching other series but I cannot stand bumper cars.

    Comment by Rock Libby — September 20, 2010 @ 6:52 pm | Reply

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