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September 9, 2010

Indy Car Rules Enforcement: Nod Nod Wink Wink?

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Credible sources have leveled allegations recently about rules shenanigans in the Indy Car Series. What is implied are rules violations that ‘slip by’ those responsible for enforcement. The ‘slipping by’ is said to be accompanied by payoffs under the table in cash.

Whether such allegations are true or not is one thing. Not making known infractions and actions taken public is dangerously creepy. People are fond of criticizing things like selective enforcement and arbitrary interpretation of rules by NASCAR, but generally they go public when violations occur. Indy Car needs to have the same sort of accountability.

One of the under-the-radar stories this past week at Kentucky involved possible rules violations by ‘a four car team’ at Chicagoland involving altered undertrays. The impression left by critics is that Indy Car skipped over possible violations again with a wink and a nod (and possibly consideration). Others claim it is no big deal and that violations did not occur. When one driver chided a crew member about the undertrays he was met with graphic claims about his ancestry and accusations of intercourse with immediate family members. What did we hear about any part of this incident from Indy Car? Nothing.

The series needs far more accountability with regard to its audience. Perhaps Randy Bernard can squeeze this into his schedule once his current globetrotting adventure concludes. And if the top teams are going to be allowed to secretly cheat, why not allow the smaller teams to also get away with it? We do need more diversity in victory lane.

Food for thought as the boys and girls shove off toward Japan.


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  1. Dear Defender,

    I am shocked and angry to hear about potential cheating in the IRL…if these allegations are true, then Ropin’ Randy must clean house immediately and kick out the last vestiges of TG’s regime, including Brian Barnhart who appears to sanction the cheating…by the way, while the hotel clerks, waiters and other service people we spoke with last weekend in Louisville had ‘no idea’ that an Indy Car race was happening at the Kentucky Speedway (another example of how far we have to go to get the word out about our series), local radio here in Miami is playing a ton of promos for the Homestead finale and the IRL is offering cut rate tickets on its website…every bit counts as this will be the last IRL race at my home track (but I will not miss the insane idea to run the race in the heat and humidity of hurricane season while the nation watches college football on TV)…I am looking forward to attending next year’s season finale purportedly to be run at Vegas (in October when the desert heat begins to subside).

    Comment by Neil Rubin — September 9, 2010 @ 6:28 pm | Reply

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