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September 13, 2010

The State of Danicamania in Indy Car and Elsewhere

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Whenever my party attends Indy Car races it is not difficult to notice where much of the fan attention is focused. Danica Patrick. Little girls and women (and often their husbands/boyfriends) of all ages and sizes all sport the latest Danica gear. It is sometimes amusing watching a 5XL whale stuffed into bright green GoDaddy apparel standing outside Danica’s pit waiting for Danica to walk up and talk just to them.

It is difficult to understand the focus. She started out innocently enough and worked hard, but nowadays she remains distracted by her NASCAR misadventure, seemingly always sports a scowl, can’t keep a consistent pit crew, and often rides around in a pope-mobiled golf cart. Her on-track results this season are not as they have been in the past. Meanwhile, other up-and-comers are beginning to steal ink, including Simona De Silvestro. Ana Beatriz has been in the 500 and has won in Lights, as has Pippa Mann.

Danicamania may have reached a crossroads. Does she stay in Indy Car, refocus and remain a big star in a small pond, or does she go all in for NASCAR and become, talent wise, a female version of Casey Mears, usually finishing waaayyyyyyy back? In NASCAR she would have definite fame. Wherever she goes these days she is always introduced as ‘NASCAR’s Danica Patrick’ even though she has never driven in a Cup event.

My advice for Danica is to let the NASCAR thing go. That particular hurdle is way too much for Indy Car drivers that are just average. You will still have money, fame and fans.



  1. In a perfect world, Andretti Racing would can The Princess and rehire Dan Wheldon for next year. And the CITCO outfit would get rid of THEIR under-performing female and get Paul Tracy. Or vice-versa–the only reason I couldn’t see AR not hiring PT is because there’s no love lost between MA and PT. I have nothing against the female drivers; I think the current crop shows real promise. But I was one of Danica’s champions since her rookie year, in fact, she was my choice to win Indy IN her rookie year, and my balloon has been seriously deflated. She just hasn’t lived up to her hype; not to mention potential. Guess that’s racin’, at least in today’s world.

    Comment by DOUG — September 13, 2010 @ 3:58 pm | Reply

  2. Dear Defender:

    While we certainly cheered for Danica who ran up front at Texas, she is a non-factor in the standings and has proven to be nothing more than a high priced back marker on the road and street courses and a mid-pack runner on the ovals…simply stated, she is nothing to this series but a draw for the most casual fans and the mainstream media.

    Comment by Neil Rubin — September 13, 2010 @ 7:14 pm | Reply

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