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September 23, 2010

Entertainment on Indy Car Off Weeks: Laughing at Those Who Are Darkly Obsessed

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Just when fans begin to nurture an inkling of any sort of enjoyment about their favorite sport, some idiot comes along to crap all over it. The latest such ill-informed cretin is some blogger named James Fish.  He wrote a mini-manifesto in something called the Epoch Times the other day in which split politics, flawed thought and revisionist history got crapped out yet again on par with the best of them. If you need some yucks, look it up.

Here are some softballs for me to lob out of the park:

‘IndyCar, once the premier form of racing in North America, is now in a pitiful condition.’

Sure is. A full slate of races for the fourteenth straight year. The most diverse schedule of any series. World class talent. A centerpiece that remains the most attended single day sporting event in the world. A title sponsor. A paid TV deal. Many well attended events.  Nearly 40 active series sponsors. Pitiful compared to what? The wet dream fantasies of idiots who have convinced themselves utopia coincided with the evolutionary period of cart occupation?

‘In 1996, Tony George, inheritor of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Hulman-George fortune, came on the scene and demanded that he be given more power in cart. cart management offered him the same power any other board member wielded, but Tony George wanted to be King.’

Well, not really. But it sure makes a good story. The overreaction of the establishment was typical. That same sort of brutal arrogance caused the same people to kill their own great organization. Twice. Meanwhile, Indy Car continued. It’s been fifteen years now.

‘When he was not given a crown (he had never worked for a living, never run a business, never managed a racing series … all he had done was reach the age when his trust fund deed said he became the president of IMS) he took his toys and left, starting the Indianapolis Racing League with a bunch of no-name drivers and outmoded cars bought from cart owners, who no longer had use for them.’

I love that ‘took his toys and left’ line the best. I also like that ‘Indianapolis Racing League’ deal. He certainly did not have to go very far. As a matter of fact, he was not the one who left. Too bad the cart owners did not have any use for their old cars. They could have used them to squish the then-nascent IRL like a bug with minimal cost and effort. But when your ego overrules your brain, self immolation occurs. Twice.

‘Tiny George managed to keep his league running (though ultimately it lost huge amounts of money every year it operated, eventually costing the Hulman-George family half a Billion—with a B—dollars.)’

There’s a new one. ‘Tiny.’ How quaint. Also endearing is the parroting of that $500 million+ supposed loss encountered by the IRL. Just once I wish one of these idiots would give me an accounting of how, exactly, that is possible. You know, how the money was actually lost. An accounting of revenue versus expenses. Basic accounting. No one ever has. All we ever hear is hot air about ‘credible sources’ but never anything even remotely substantive.

Given the lack of credibility so early on in the rambling of that nutty Fish person, there is not really any point in belaboring the rest of his recycled missive. It is all, of course, very predictable:

-cart was better than the USAC hick series.

-cart was better than NASCAR.

-cart was a threat to Formula 1.

-Since things are so bad now, we need to be like cart.

Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. One might think that after fifteen years of whining about something their preferred series could have easily prevented then blaming someone else for their own self-perceived malaise these children would get a clue about reality. After all, most of them were not even teenagers yet in 1995.

Here is a better idea: Why not get behind Randy Bernard, accept the fact that IMS will always be the spiritual center of the sport, and make the IZOD (hey, what do you know…a title sponsor) Indy Car Series as great as you believe cart was? That would be a whole lot easier than trying to turn back the clock.



  1. Generally agree that the poster in question is just parroting the same old tired rationale from years past. (Although I don’t understand why you continue to seek out obscure bloggers who essentially post the same things, just to refute them with the same arguments. You can only call these pajama people ‘idiots’ so many times before it starts to get tired. Must be a slow news day in Defender land).

    Look, I know people will dispute several points in your defense of IICS. For example, the use of ‘many’ prior to well-attended events; the use of ‘World Class’ to describe talent that includes Milka Duno; ‘Paid’ television contract, as opposed to ‘lucrative’ television contract (Having a paid TV contract is one thing: Bowling, fishing, and bicycle racing all have paid contracts. NASCAR has a ‘paid’ contract too…they just make $600 million a year from it). But one point especially struck me.

    ‘The Most Diverse Schedule of Any Series’. Huh? I’m not disputing this. It’s quite true. I’m just surprised to hear you say it. Seeing as you have advocated returning to a more oval-centric series ever since I’ve started reading you. Since you have continually argued against street courses, and twisties in favor of returning to ovals. While you concede that a 50/50 mix would be ‘acceptable’, my impression has always been that if the series could find a way to go 100% oval (as TG envisioned it in 1995), you would be first in line at the keg at the celebration party. You are 100% right. IICS does have the most diverse schedule. No one else has such a mix of ovals, twisties, and street courses. No other series HAS had such a mix, and no one has trumpeted having such a mix as a reason for its success since…yep, wait for it, CART. Fifteen years ago.

    And then it hit me. Like a truck. Full Slate of Races. (Yep, 16.) Most diverse schedule. (Yep. 7 ovals, 4 streets, 4 roads, and an airport circuit.) World Class Talent. (Yep. 3 former F1 world champs, and a future champ, 7 500 winners.) Title Sponsor. Check. Paid TV Deal. Check. (Oh yeah, add ‘good TV ratings’) Many series sponsors (28 fully sponsored cars.) Check. Many well-attended events. Check. And the centerpiece, the highest attended paid attended single-day sporting event in the world. Check.

    (At this point, the phrase ‘hoist on your own petard’, would be particularly appropriate).

    So what you’re really saying is, you want the IICS to be CART in 1994. On behalf of the current, and former, ‘cart-centric idiots’, welcome back. Congratulations to you on seeing the light. We welcome you back with open arms, and will overlook all the ad-hominem attacks you have made against us. Of course it would be nice if the owners hadn’t immolated the series, so we actually had something to welcome you back to, but we’re still willing and ready to share the love just the same. We shall expect the blogs name to be changed to ‘Defender of CART’ shortly. I’m sure one of us will even make out a check to GoDaddy.com on your behalf.

    Okay, so the above paragraphs were slightly tongue in cheek, but essentially the point is this. To use something (schedule diversity) to counter an argument why the IICS isn’t on life support, when you have consistently argued for LESS diversity in the series makes YOU look like the knucklehead. To vehemently argue against street courses and twisties in post after post, while saying that the inclusion of these courses makes the series a success makes you look like something else. A hypocrite.

    Editor’s Note: Stevie…you have a problem with reading comprehension. I have loved Indy Car racing since I first walked into IMS in 1959. I saw an entire field of front engined cars powered by Offies. I have never wavered in my support of the sport in any of its evolutionary phases. Not when the rear engine revolution occurred, not when turbines or ground effects or other technologies (and costs) crept in, not when cart pulled off their 1979 mutiny, not when cart got the wrong idea about Tony George, not when the IRL took over. The entity that almost killed the sport was cart, and they are best left in their grave. Twice. The most important thing to me is that Indy remains the physical and spiritual center of the sport. Without that orientation, the sport will die. It is as simple as that. Simplistically assuming today’s Indy Car is reconstituted cart does not grasp the bigger picture and is a simpleton oversimplification. A stroke with a really broad brush. Just because I have a hobby that involves making fun of idiots who refuse to be objective and use their brains does not put me in the same class as the haters. I am focused on the future of the sport and not any sordid past otehr than to encourage folks to learn from mistakes.

    Comment by Steven Kornya — September 23, 2010 @ 2:08 pm | Reply

  2. Dear Defender:

    I will defend your right to bash us CART-centric idiots to the death as an open discourse regarding the failures of the past and the promise of the future is healthy and necessary to both the success of the nation and the growth and resurgence of our series…but you must admit that you are a hater of the highest order and that you love to trash us at every turn even though we share your passion and enthusiasm for all things Indy Car (except, of course, TG and his buffoonery) and look forward to the day when Indy car removes itself from life support and draws more than a few thousand at its oval races and more than a few hundred thousand households during its TV broadcasts (come on, Comcast and its take over of NBC)…

    Comment by Neil Rubin — September 24, 2010 @ 9:27 pm | Reply

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