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October 11, 2010

Indy Car Broadcast ‘Partner’ ESPN: Moral Deviants?

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What is about ESPN and deviant behavior? I may have to get my new buddy K. Lee Davis on the horn and ask him what in the world is going on. Hopefully he is normal. He is from Texas, however. The water in Bristol must be toxic. Many publications have speculated about the twisted behavior of ESPN personalities, whether it is Sean Salisbury sending some gal a picture of his helmeted warrior (calling it ‘Little Sean’) or a full blown scandal that saw Steve Phillips, um, er, batter dip the ‘ol corn dog with Al from Happy Days and then get fired for his particular episode of moral turpitude.

So now there is a motorsports producer named Neil Goldberg who is in legal trouble for standing on a stool outside some gal’s window in Connecticut, watching her get dressed, dropping his own drawers, then, uh, summoning the genie. Taking a load off. Working up a foamy lather. Varnishing the banister. Drilling for oil. In summary, he took matters into his own hands.

Is it any wonder ESPN coverage of motor sports is slipping in quality, ratings and professionalism?

In reality I am probably just missing IZOD Indy Car Racing now that the 2010 season is history. The other series are not very good substitutes. They ran out of talent early in the Formula 1 race. NASCAR at Fontana drew a crowd that looked like the one the Indy Car Series drew on their last visit there. ESPN’s coverage continues to be abysmal as well. Marty Reid tries his hardest to sound like a hillbilly just like the others, and that in and of itself is hilarious. Tony Stewart won instead of Jimmie, and that was refreshing.

Very little of the news lately has been good. Shane Hmiel was trying to beat demons and ended up in a Greg Moore-like accident in a sprint car at Terre Haute. Shane is in Methodist today in an induced coma after breaking his neck and back. The family is cautiously optimistic, but other reports describe his condition as ‘grave.’  Here’s hoping for the best.



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