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Indy Car’s Past: Glorious and Worth Remembering. But it is Still The Past. Leave It There. Please.

There are people pining for a return of Indy 500 intros that use Alan Silvestri’s theme music from the 1986 movie ‘Delta Force.’ My only question is why? That seems foolish in this century. Too many people look backward instead of looking forward. Leave those intros in the past and remember them fondly. Paul Page, like the Delta Force theme, had his moment. The place for “Delta Force’ is, in fact, in the past.

The Indy 500 intros of the past few years have been among the best ever, winning Emmy awards almost every year. The talent and creativity that has gone into those, including ‘All Roads Lead to Indy’ with Jeremy Irons narrating in 2007, ‘It is Time’ in 2006, ‘Racing’s Perfect Storm,’ ‘Speed City,’ Powers Booth’s narrative trip through the past last year, and this past year’s ‘keeper of the prize’ piece by a Canadian company was spine chilling. The only problem with some of them is that they are not possible to find on the Web. They have been pulled for copyright violations. That is a real pain in the behind.

We all enjoyed the Delta Force/Paul Page pieces of the early 90’s. Compared to what we have today, however, that stuff seems like cable access quality. Whenever anyone searches youtube to relive some of those moments there is always some idiot who uses the Delta Force theme over their own video images for current made up 500 intros. That seems pointless and stupid. Personally, I can hardly wait to see what the creative minds dream up for the 100th anniversary. Using ‘Delta Force’ for 2010 (or any future year) would almost be insulting. I know that was a period remembered fondly, but we’re not even in that century any more. Let us all move forward.

4 replies to “Indy Car’s Past: Glorious and Worth Remembering. But it is Still The Past. Leave It There. Please.

  1. do you know if nickelback is gonna play in this years carb day?
    and is carb day on thursday like it used to be or is it on friday now.
    seems like they changed it around a lot and now that its only two weeks i am unsure of the schedule.

    also, can I still get in for 5 dollars like I did two years ago although I think that was for a trackdog and a coke and the admission was free.

    anyway, I like the blog(but it is hard to read where you are coming from sometimes and it does seem a tad bit angry too, so just smile every now and then and remember, we won the war and we got Indy…hey!).

    So thanks! oh and my initial question was about nickelback. I didn’t care much for kid rock because my little kids were there and he swears alot and they were all drinking whiskey and the girls were earning their beads if you know what I mean… it wasn’t too family friendly. I still love Indy though.

    Harlan McCoy. (You can call me Harley)

    Vevay, IN.

    Editor’s Note: How quaint.

  2. You are absolutely right in regards to those yeaning for the music of yesterday to be playing during irl telecast. Foolish indeed. My wish would to be for them to bring back the real racecars from that era and bonfire those f#@*ing sh*twagons of today. i mean priorities folks, lets stay focused.

    Editor’s Note: Thanks, Canada, for checking in.

  3. Honestly, I could care less whether they use Delta Force, Delta Dawn, or the theme music from ‘Force 10 from Navarone’. As long as in 2012, I can hear something like this (insert your own driver names).

    ‘Now, lets meet the drivers in the 2012 Indianapolis 500…

    ‘On the pole, three time Indy 500 champion, driving the #3 Verizon Penske Audi, Helio Castroneves. In the middle of row #1, piloting the #5 KV Racing Lotus Cosworth, Takuma Sato. On the outside of row 1, two time Indy winner, former series champion, driving the #10 Target Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara Honda, Dario Franchitti.’

    And all three cars will look different. And all three cars will have different power.

    And then Paul Tracy will win. And in victory lane, will make cracks about this being his ‘2nd Indy Win’, and then claim lactose intolerance, and crack a beer. Okay maybe not the last part; but I’d enjoy reading the IndyCar Defender’s blog the day after THAT one.

  4. I agree that it should be left in the past, but I totally disagree with your logic. This race is about tradition more than anything so simply going with something because it’s different it a dumb idea. Yes, Indy was great far before this theme came along, but it did start a different appoach in how intros were done for the race. I would leave it go though because that reflected a better era of racing. A better theme for a better era. We’re in an era now where the quality of racing and drivers are worse so it makes more sense to go with a less captivating theme like those ones used in current years. Racing is fast paced and too many of the themes now are too slow or fast paced with very little melody in the process. They can create more of a sense of nostalgia than excitement (like Delta Force), which in some ways contradicts ABC’s very intent to go with something to reflect a new age. The themes aren’t terrible, but anyone believing that the melody of the music is as exciting as the delta force theme is diluting themselves. It’s not anyone’s fault, but it is a reflection of how most music today does not place as good of an emphasis on a great melody as it once did. Even faced paced songs today do not have a good melody to accompany it. Also, a celebrity does not have to do the intros either. Too often ABC thinks new or hollywood equals better when in reality it just means different and in some cases worse. This is why it’s hard to take their telecasts as seriously as for instance as Versus because the people covering the action have less credibility within the sport. For instance Marty Reid can not hold a candle to Bob Jenkins. Current themes in music will never compare to the quality of the 80’s and 90’s so while ABC wants to change it up, which is fine, they will have to accept the fact that their modern approach (largely in part to the way music is today) will never create a sense of excitement in the intro the way this theme once did.

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