Defender of IndyCar

The New Indy Car: Let’s Discuss Aesthetics and Economics

The IZOD Indy Car critics out there often point to two things they ‘hate’ about the series (and yet they continue to watch-interesting):

-They call the current Dallara/Honda models ‘crapwagons’ (or worse).

-They wail hysterically about the lack of variety of chassis/engine combos.

Now that the 2012 package has been announced with Dallara as the base, their pig-like squealing has intensified. Only the most pessimistic, dark outcome is likely through their myopic eyes.

I have a few questions for the hissy fit throwers. How can anyone other than a cart fan that refuses to budge from 1995 tell the difference between a current IRL model, old cart cars and many recent vintage F-1 cars? Truth is they can’t. The shriekers actually have a point with chassis/engine variety. I have not met a fan yet, whether they are a normal, mature, casual fan or an entrenched cart idiot, who does not want variety. The real issue is who pays for the variety. With only 28 or less entries on non-Indy weekends, how can manufacturers make any money unless they win all the time? And if they win all the time won’t everyone want that package? That is how it usually works.

Perhaps those who insist variety is the only way to go can lay out a framework that describes how it will work financially without driving the costs up for teams.

I am really hoping astute manufacturers will see the value of badging bases with their own aero kits and brand names. That seems like an economical way to compromise.


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