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Indy Car/NASCAR Racing Personalities: Tim Richmond Qualifies

ESPN bends over again tonight for NASCAR with a Tim Richmond special brought to us by the same guy responsible for ‘Dale.’ The selection of Tim Richmond as a subject seems curious. He is positioned as something other than the big hatted, big belt buckled southern redneck that dominated NASCAR back in the day. Truth is (and this get mentioned) he liked whores and promiscuity. Hey, who among us doesn’t? Evidently he liked it a bit dirtier than most considering AIDS killed him.

I remember watching him in Indy Cars and seeing a potential star. NASCAR fans saw the same thing as he won races and took on their best. It will interesting to see how much of the program will focus on the racing and how much will focus on how he used his genitals. Is it not ironic that his family and friends urged him to leave the Indy Cars because stock cars were considered safer, but it was ultimately sex that killed him?

I sincerely hope they capture the intangibles that made him a star. That is the main part of the sport today that is missing. It is often hard to think of foreign ride buyers as personalities, and galling when an ungrateful champion implies the championship is not as fulfilling as it would have been fifteen years ago.

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