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Indy Car and IMS Seem to Be Fairing Rather Well Considering Problems in the Sport

Buh-Bye Now

Obsessed idiots critical of Indy Car and of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway continuously enjoy concocting ‘evidence’ that proves both are on the verge of imminent collapse, usually cloaked in a ‘Tony ruined everything’ theme. But what happens when economically unsupported entities are actually forced to end their existence?

That is precisely what is happening down south in Daytona. Former IMS boss Joie Chitwood is now in charge down there, and what did he announce this week? That Daytona International Speedway will close what has been billed as the ‘Official Attraction of NASCAR.’ It is called the Daytona 500 Experience, and it has been around since 1996. Next month, it closes. They are offering instead an extended tram tour of the facilities. There’s IMAX, several exhibits, cars and attractions inside 60,000 square feet. Now, those facilities will only be available for private events. People will also lose their jobs. Joie calls it ‘evolution.’ He says the research indicates people would rather tour the track.

Oddly, I do not read or hear any howling about any imminent collapse of either Daytona or NASCAR. Too bad, though. For ‘stock’ car fans, that was a fine place to spend a day.

3 replies to “Indy Car and IMS Seem to Be Fairing Rather Well Considering Problems in the Sport

  1. Well.. it looks like Chitwood was trained very well in the fine art of destroying racing genres, albeit he had a fabulous mentor. that f*#@ing ziltch George can now take credit for ruining all forms of racing. Quite an accomplishment

    Editor’s Note: That seems a bit of a stretch. Do all Canadians have problems with profanity and grammar or just a few?

  2. You haven’t been reading the right forums.

    I’ve seen lots of places where people pick on NASCAR ratings falling below soccer in US popularity, for instance. I’ve seen lots of discussion of falling ratings and attendance, frankly more than I have for IndyCar.

    Few IndyCar critics defend NASCAR either and criticize it for similar reasons…

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