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October 22, 2010

Creative Ways to Propagate The IZOD Indy Car Brand – Attracting New Fans

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One of the largest conventions Indianapolis has every year is the Future Farmers of America. There are tens of thousands of young FFA members in Indy right now taking care of their important business and seeing the sights around town.

Some of them visited the Andretti Autosport facility. What a great idea! How much more grassroots can you get than the FFA? These people are YOUNG, too. This is something all of the Indy-based racing teams should do—throw open their doors and encourage touring. Hopefully IMS does the same thing and gets the youngsters around the track.

Indy Car needs all the fans it can get, and the FFA folks could just as easily support something else. So way to go Andretti Autosport. They continue to do a lot off the track too.




  1. 5 words that can save Indy Car and bring in many new fans.

    “It’s a new track record!”

    It’s almost as simple as that.

    Comment by Bob F. — October 22, 2010 @ 5:54 pm | Reply

  2. That’s great of Andretti Autosport. Opening their doors to the FFA. Wonderful.

    It’d be better if Junior and his pet sheep had $10 million lying around the barn that they could give to AA so Mikey could afford to run RHR and TK next season, but hey, every little bit counts, right?

    And if we could get the goats and pigs to buy cable, it might even get our TV audience on VERSUS over a half mill a race! We’re in like Flynn now, baby!

    Comment by Steven Kornya — October 22, 2010 @ 7:18 pm | Reply

  3. I’m sure those kids would know a pig when they saw one, and they would see one looking a a sh!twagon.

    Editor’s Note: How quaint that we have yet another literate, meaningful contribution from our neighbor to the north.

    Comment by jb — October 22, 2010 @ 10:47 pm | Reply

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