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Making Indy Car Relevant to a Wide Audience Again

IMS announced today that it is furnishing ‘assets’ to a Facebook Game called ‘Car Town’ and that IMS is the first motorsports facility that is doing so. Initially it will be pace cars; eventually it will be Indy Cars.

Some might say it seems stupid given the no-life dullards that play those idiotic, lowest common denominator games. The fact is, millions play those sill games every month, so in reality it is a great idea. Marketing of Indy Car to an audience of today is smart. Those efforts seem to be increasing. The ‘aw shucks’ efforts of the past seem to be a thing of the past, and from an evolution standpoint is very smart.

The first vehicles will be the pace car from 2010 as well as the Brickyard pace car. It gets released today along with IMS and IZOD Indy Car Series images. I still won’t play, but the millions who do will hopefully have a good time.

Kudos to IMS for making marketing efforts relevant.

2 replies to “Making Indy Car Relevant to a Wide Audience Again

  1. I’ve got a great idea! Get a bunch of farm kids to come and look at a sh!twagon. F#*@in brilliant, I say.

    Editor’s Note: Always nice to hear from our grade two Canadian friend. It always contributes so much.

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