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December 9, 2010

No IndyCar for Old Men

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One of the more entertaining wishes of the fan base is looking at driver wish lists. Those who have been fans for a long time tend to fawn for drivers long in the tooth who used to be their favorite. The most common seems to be Paul Tracy. He was a successful cart driver who won a lot of their races but was burdened by a team that took the wrong side during that series boycott of Indy. He even demonstrated signs of his old self in the limited number of events in which he competed in 2010. He is widely known for antics, speaking his mind and having bad karma at Indy.

Lots of others would like to see recent vintage drivers get back into the cockpit for the 100th anniversary 500. Michael Andretti, Al Jr, Vasser, Herta, even Mario. . . there are plenty. Personally I would like to see all of them back next May, but not in an Indy Car. Why not stage a legends-type event in May using some type of spec car? That would probably sell quite a few tickets. It could even be the highlight of an off day.

Indy Car has evolved away from situations in which a talented 40+-year-old is able to climb in and be competitive, especially a one-off. It is a young man’s (and woman’s) game now.

Speaking of anniversary #100 of the first race, when will the deluge of 100th anniversary programming begin in earnest? In my opinion there needs to be a blitz across a variety of delivery platforms of all sorts of new, original, recycled and historic content related to 100 years of Indy Racing at IMS. Some of that type of programming from the 50th anniversary remains fresh in my mind, and given the depth of the historic content, featuring it extensively right now is highly advised.

It is less than six months to the big day!



  1. I still think Mikey could go out there with a little advance notice and compete. Maybe not win, but he wouldn’t embarrass himself, either. Love the idea of a “legends” event for the Centennial! Mario, JR, Sneva, Mears, Michael, and a few of the other back in it!

    Comment by Zachary — December 10, 2010 @ 2:37 am | Reply

  2. grow up for racing gods sake and follow the rest of us to the present day where racing skill has been removed from the equation.you time retarded indycentrics think that all these old glory names are what indy’s about today. sorry. they are done. mario tried it and decided that aerial acrobatics weren’t part of his tremendous racing heritage and that the tire belonged on the ground and didn’t like the thought of mangled catchfence gimpy legs. your wwe style chick gimmick indycar is all about the female racer today. damn the skill level. this is about what some non racing marketing and advertising pencil pushing retards think the people want. manufactured interest. which sure as heck isn’t working, by the way. period…..get it?…..period.
    the irl never did squat to develop a name. marketing wasnt it’s forte. i for one am glad that randy bernard took that old irl horse to the glue factory…just like cart version I went to the glue factory because little tony warbux had an unlimited supply of the fortune to blow through. gotta love that blow.
    paul tracy’s problem wasn’t driving for an owner who picked the wrong side as you think(how freakin stupid of a statement) paul tracy’s problem was that he was too damn good for the irl and he knew it, but he picked the right side that didn’t have the hulman cash faucet at full flow and he didn’t sell his soul to the devil incarnate toney gorge….until a later date when the AOW implosion was complete and the hulman inferno had consumed what was left of the once premier Champcar World Series. That’s just a fact Son.

    One you need to come to grips with, Son.

    Editor’s Note: Always nice to hear from the illiterate.

    Comment by beotchslap — December 13, 2010 @ 4:07 pm | Reply

  3. I think your idea of putting legends on the track is great, but why not lobby the Speedway to take it one step further? A few months back you posted a spectacular pic of 33 former winning cars lined up on the front straight. As you’ve probably brought up, the drivers aren’t the only legends that should be celebrated at Indy this year. Why not pair some of the legendary drivers up with their legendary cars, fuel ’em up, fire ’em up, and put them on the track? Personally, I’d love to see AJ in his ’64 winning roadster, Al Sr. in the Johnny Lightning Special, Parnelli Jones in the turbine, Johnny Rutherford in the Chaparral, and all the rest. Now THAT would be an appropriate celebration for the Centennial…

    Comment by Steven Kornya — December 13, 2010 @ 4:30 pm | Reply

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