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December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays IZOD IndyCar Fans, the Racing Community and Everyone Else!

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2010 has been a beautiful setup for seasons that will follow in the IZOD IndyCar Series. The management seems to be in good hands, and the future looks bright as our niche and the entire sport get reinvented in a world that has changed in fundamental ways.

My biggest hope for 2011 is that the world at large gets an opportunity to understand what will happen in 2011. The 100th anniversary of the race that allowed the sport to flourish for a century. Right now the only people who seem to know are residents of Marion Country, Indiana. This story needs to be shared with the general population.

But that is for future rumination. The Defender family wishes everyone a very happy holiday season and a very prosperous new year in 2011.



  1. Same to you!! Have a Merry Christmas, a great new year, and a great Holiday season!!!!

    Don’t forget what Santa said on the Jerry Springer show: “ho ho ho”.

    Comment by M. Miller — December 24, 2010 @ 1:07 pm | Reply

  2. this is 100% relevant to topic. delete. delete. delete if you can’t handle it 🙂

    And the defender family (of 1) finds itself still needing to defend. and isn’t this year TWO of the 100 year anniversary. that cow done been milked dry and i smell cow f*rts.
    counter points 🙂
    1.p!ss poor ratings on a third tier cable access channel
    2.rotten in the sewer through the basement attendance
    3.roger penske’s near complete takeover of what’s left of open wheel.
    4. teams cannabilaizing other teams and selling it as growth(tcgr)
    5. proven loser leftovers from the toney gorge era still infecting the pus laden, oozing, gangrenous, odiferous remaining limbs of the series.
    6. ims falling into maintenance decay
    7. further and further reiance on city, county and state funds to finance projects
    8.still got that 12 year dallara dart no matter how you dress it up
    9.two weeks of may = tradition these days
    10. any TRUE fan of REAL racing doesn’t watch this slow to die freak show.

    Merry christmas to all! cart III is here!

    Editor’s Note: Well, you should love it then. Not a bad attempt although your literacy skills still need a lot of work, and you need to try and make points that have actual merit. All you have done is spout nonsense that six or seven of you four year olds made up and thought was funny. Reality, like 2011, is a pretty cool place to set your orientation, kid.

    Comment by Nicholas — December 24, 2010 @ 1:16 pm | Reply

  3. Randy Bernard has gone out of his way to try to improve the series, give fans what they’ve been asking for and also reach out to disenfranchised fans and make this new version of open-wheel racing acceptable to all.

    A letter this negative is so blatently offensive that it leads me to believe the author either (1) gets his kicks from purposefully baiting the Defender into a argument or (2) has way more mental & emotional problems than a disagreement with the way an auto racing series is managed.

    Merry Christmas, Defender. Looking forward to the rest of what the “silly season” has to offer and a great new season of racing in 2011.

    Comment by redd — December 24, 2010 @ 4:34 pm | Reply

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