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December 31, 2010

Attention IndyCar and IMS: Please Put The Rich History On Sale

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Happy New Year to racing fans the world over. 2011 looks to be another great year for the sport, and in particular for the IZOD IndyCar Series. The Defender brigade has yet another suggestion for the folks in charge of disseminating the Indianapolis Motor Speedway message to the masses.

Sell the past.

What do we mean? The 100th anniversary lies just ahead. Over 90 of them have been run. ABC/ESPN on ABC has televised the event for forty years. Chances are most were recorded. Why not follow the trend of most every other television show ever made and make entire races, sans commercials, available for sale to the general public? My family and friends record just about every IndyCar race. These days it is digitally via DVR. The problem is transfer to other media is not easy (or legal).

Why not make entire broadcasts, including pre-race programming, available for sale? $19.95 is the common price; $9.95 would be much better. What about boxed sets of individual decades? Highlight compilations are fine, but each race is a drama and it would be nice to purchase unedited copies of all of them. If I can go out and buy the first season of, say, McHales Navy, there is no reason why Indianapolis 500s can’t.

It’s too late for Christmas 2010, but let’s roll this out in 2011. It just makes sense.



  1. Absolutely. In trading circles, every 500 since 1978 is available. No reason IMS and ABC/ESPN can’t make a deal to sell them, just as IMS now offers several years of complete 500 radio broadcasts for download.

    Comment by A fan — December 31, 2010 @ 2:56 am | Reply

  2. I’ve recorded every Indy 500 on ABC since 1983. They’re probably collectors items now, probably like Floyd Clymer’s and Carl Hungness’s Indy Yearbooks.

    Comment by DOUG — December 31, 2010 @ 3:46 pm | Reply

  3. I doubt it would be a profitable venture. I am sure there is a minimun amount that would have to be manufactured and the only place they would sell is in the gift shop of IMS during May.

    Editor’s Note: Won’t know until it’s tried, and I believe it is worthwhile to do so. Especially in the Centennial Era.

    Comment by TroyM — January 2, 2011 @ 3:45 pm | Reply

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