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The End of an Indy Car Era

The sport of Indy Car racing, more than anything else, is all about its fans. Nowhere are real fans more passionate than at Indianapolis in May. Generations of the same family make the annual trek in May from all around the world. For the past ten years the fan experience has been enriched by the annual presence of a rag-tag group of great fans who have set up camp in the days leading up to the 500 at a specific location in the Coke lot along Georgetown Road. Camp and Brew involves racing fans who bring motor homes of many sizes in from near; e.g., Ohio, and far; e.g., Denver.

For a few days before the race, these generous folks feed and provide adult or softer beverages for anyone who makes donations to help fight ALS in memory of a great racing fan, Brian Hall, who succumbed to the illness. Over the course of ten years, over $31,000 has been raised from just ordinary racing fans that stop by to socialize and see old friends.

All great things must come to an end, and this May will be the end of Camp and Brew. I suspect the folks who work so hard to keep it going may want to actually get away from the motor homes and into the track more often to enjoy themselves. The amount of work associated with Camp and Brew, which grew every year, is immense.

So my suggestion, from one racing fan to another, is that you find your way at least once this may over to the corner of Camp & Brew to say hello and thanks. Ask for Tommy, Glenn or Jimmy. While you’re at it, say hey to Scott, Sue, Andy, Mike or Roach as well. These people are the very best. I will be right there with you to do the same.

6 replies to “The End of an Indy Car Era

  1. I imagine you will be sad to see this go Defender. Camp and Brew is one of the few places you can gather with real race fans who genuinely enjoy the company of other real racing fans in May.

  2. “Nowhere are real fans more passionate than at Indianapolis in May”

    Apparently Defender has never been to a European or South American football game (aka what American dunderheads call soccer). When Indy fans become “devoted” enough to want to literally kill their “rival” fans, let me know.

    As for C&B, it made sense to have it linked with Trackforum. The good news is that TF is large enough now that they don’t need C&B to keep their radically conservative, hypocritical, bigoted soap box running. The bad news, which the C&B organizers may or may not have finally realized, is that a five day charity kegger can’t wipe out 360 days of Internet dickitude. The best thing for NASCAR fans is that TF is on INDYCAR’s side. No truly sober and sane racing fan would ever want to associate themselves with TF or C&B. That’s why the vast majority of those devoted fans in May never do.

    Editor’s Note: Always nice to hear from arrogant, ignorant, small minded, immature heathens.

  3. FWIW, I was the first one throwing insults, Defender. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You want to be me much more than I would ever want to be you. I make myself worse just by being here on your site.

    As for the article you posted about the closing of this “major event”, it got exactly THREE commenters two days after it went live. The closing of a local McDonaldland playground usually gets more attention than that. Of course, I assume that your mind is too small, arrogant, ignorant and hung over to process such info. Instead of wasting time insulting me, perhaps TSFKAIRL (the series formerly known as Indy Racing League) fans like you should be kissing a certain spec tire supplier’s ass to kiss to keep your cars on the road after 2011. Priority, Defender.

    Editor’s Note: I rarely worry about anything a handful of obtuse chicken littles feel they need to say. Your type of hysterical shrieking about Indy Car doom and gloom has been making the six of you look foolish for over fifteen years, so really, who gives a rip? My advice: Grow up and try enjoying the sport. Indy racing predated the existence of all of us, and will be around long after we’re not.

  4. (Comments deleted because they did not deal with the topic and were nothing more than childish insults directed toward the blog author. Comment directly on the topic, please.)

  5. (Comments deleted because they did not deal with the topic and were nothing more than childish insults directed toward the blog author. Comment directly on the topic, please.)

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