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This INDYCAR Silly Season Remains Exciting

Sponsorship news keeps occurring with regularity in this INDYCAR off season:

-Team Penske announced that AAA will be on Helios car for a few races this season.

HVM has a three year commitment for Simona De Silvestro with sponsorship from Entergy, which advocates the use of nuclear power as a green alternative.

-Andretti Autosport is in Dallas for a sponsor summit. It would be great if they came away with confirmations for four cars.

This off season seems much more busy than in recent years and that is refreshing. In years past naysayers had field days with dire predictions of less than full fields, blank sidepods and other such sky is falling hysteria.

When INDYCAR actions speak louder than foolish words, the situation is good.


2 replies to “This INDYCAR Silly Season Remains Exciting

  1. Wow…really exciting news (yawn)…too bad that America has long since forgotten about open wheel racing and embraced NASCAR as the No. 1 form of motorsport…in case you haven’t watched ESPN or Fox in the last six weeks, the only racing America’s media is talking about is the Daytona 500…the Great American Race…to be sure, I am NOT a fan of boring, slow and contrived tin top racing…however, unless and until Indy Car gets itself back on broadcast TV with some amazing racing, technology and personalities, our favorite form of motorsports will continue to be nothing but a fringe sport that die hard supporters such as you, me and the hand full of other old timers who chime into this blog still follow…and yes, you can thank your good buddy TG and his failed vision for digging a ditch so big for Indy Car racing that we may never find our way out of the hole…you aptly point out the shortcomings of CART and we are well aware of its inability to sustain its business model…but we can all thank TG for stupid ideas like 24/7 and bringing his hammer to work everyday when he should have gone out and hired a professional administrator like Randy Bernard a dozen years ago when the economy was still strong….

    Editor’s Note: Had cart been left in charge, Indy Car would have been as dead as cart ended up. Twice. Only sooner. I am very thankful Randy Bernard is in at this moment in time. Tony stayed about three years too long, but better late than never.

  2. At least the silly season is more interesting than most of the oval races. I think that the CART era and champcar were much more interesting

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