Defender of IndyCar

Nothing More To Defend. Time to Evolve to Disciple of INDYCAR!

It is time to change my identity to something far more accurate. The INDYCAR Series no longer needs to be ‘defended.’ Personally, I believe it is the most exciting form of motor sport anywhere. I like most forms of the sport, but I have always believed INDYCAR is the best.  To be honest, I am one of the biggest DISCIPLES of the genre. Therefore, I am now a Disciple of INDYCAR. It has a great ring.

Now that the sport of INDYCAR racing has survived the onslaught of those who spent years trying to destroy the one place that gave the sport legitimacy, real racing fans should keep trying to reach out to people who claim to be fans and remain obsessed with INDYCAR, but do not understand enough about the sport or its heart and soul to be taken seriously. One such potential real racing fan is a recurring commentator who spouts hatred consistently here at the blog, Troy M. He is who I will use as the model for a person who needs INDYCAR rehab.

He is a person who remains obsessed with virtually every facet of INDYCAR, but is openly critical every time he types something about it. These type of would be fans are steeped in hypocrisy. Their lack of intellect and insight cause them to forge opinions more whacko than Tea Party nutjobs ignorantly crusading against anything Democrat.  Recently, Troy took umbrage over a thread at Trackforum that, to his way of thinking, positioned Jimmie Johnson as ‘too chicken’ to run the Indianapolis 500.

Real racing fans respect Jimmie Johnson’s accomplishments in NASCAR. He has been the champion of NASCAR five straight years. He runs other races, such as the 24 hour race at Daytona (could not help but notice all the current INDYCAR drivers on the podium for that event). All real racing fans have to go on are Johnson’s words. His words express the desire, but also that he is married and is having children. I really do not believe he is ‘chicken.’ Henpecked/pussy whipped? Probably. As a fan, we would certainly like to see him try it. But since he won’t, his place will go to someone who wants it more who worked harder to get it. That is perfectly OK but is no reason to dismiss Johnson as afraid.

That does not stop Troy and his ignorant ilk from condemning race fans over their own borderline psychotic misinterpretations. Then they devolve to name calling and slam INDYCAR even more. Troy M sobs what has almost become the official script for haters:  “The thing is, I was born and raised in Indianapolis and continue to live in central Indiana. I grew up loving the Indy 500, and attended my first one at 9 years old. But I have grown to despise IMS, mainly because of the “fans” of the place.” Clearly, he has no idea what the Indianapolis 500 is or stands for. He insults the institution. Despise IMS because of fans? That is perhaps the single dumbest sentiment I have ever read. Grow up. Thicken your skin. The institution transcends that kind of childish nonsense.

“Back in 1996, I looked at what was going on and determined that TG was just executing a power play and using the Indy 500. Thus, I did not support the IRL movement.” There it is in a nutshell. Another of a handful of bitter cart apologists whose knowledge of the sport does not extend much before the 90s.

Those of us who firmly believe Tony George had not only the right to do what he did but a solemn duty disagree. The braintrust of cart, the entity that occupied IMS since 1979, had convinced itself and many sycophants that it was as important in the world as Formula 1, and that IMS was just another track. Given the consistently shady business practices of cart throughout their lifespan many could easily see the creepshow outcome that eventually claimed cart. Twice. Instead of recognizing the real problem the haters decided to blame fans and were complicit in a civil war their series started. “What amazed me was the vast amount of blind support, and complete lack of knowledge of the facts by these so called “fans.” I began to learn something about life then about how people don’t hesitate to spout off their mouths about something that they really have no clue about. It amazed me how those in support of the IRL movement knew little about the circumstances and facts of the split, and just made up reasons why the IRL movement was the right thing.”

Tony George did execute a power play. But cart had the power, especially early on, to kill the nascent IRL before it even ran its first 500. Like everything else from 1996 on, they screwed that up too. So what do the haters do? Heap scorn on Tony George and insult fans who have actually always understood the bigger picture. “These days, IRL fans have just settled into being bitter old men who look for weakness in Nascar and talk about it being an “opportunity” for the IRL. Anyway, I have grown to despise IMS and really don’t enjoy the “500” much anymore, even though I still attend. I honestly find myself rooting for whoever will give the IRL faithful the least amount of joy. I enjoyed seeing TG get tossed out of power and enjoyed the meltdown at TF the same day. It was like their invincible hero was taken down and they couldn’t believe it to be true. Perhaps Randy Bernard will turn the sport around, but based on the loyalists that are tied to IMS, I really hope it fails.”

Troy, real fans do not hope INDYCAR fails. That type of ignorant sentiment is beneath contempt. If you are not a fan, why do you remain so obsessed with it? It is my sincere hope that as we enter another new decade of INDYCAR the haters either grow up or move on to something that fits their myopia. It is well beyond time to eviscerate cancerous lesions to the sport.

10 replies to “Nothing More To Defend. Time to Evolve to Disciple of INDYCAR!

  1. The hater site knuckle draggers will probably continue referring to you as Defender given their consistently challenged thought processes (couldn’t help but notice they’re continuing a 16 page mistaken identity thread on Mrs. D), and/or say Defender ‘failed.’

  2. I think the Defender is evolving, just as the series is.

    One thing about pissed off ex-cart fans I don’t get. TG is gone, the IRL name is verboten, Cart drivers are everywhere in Indycar, ovals no longer dominate, street races are growing, Cotmans in charge of new cars, Robin Miller is giddy as a schoolgirl–why are ex-cart fans still angry? There’s more cart to the series than IRL…

    I guess if your whole philosophy is wrapped up in being a hater, it’s difficult to change.

    1. I’m with you, redd. I was no huge fan of Tony George, and I went through a period where I couldn’t stand the IRL and most of the racing product that it put forth. But, you know what? Things changed. My favorite drivers, teams and engine manufacturers wound up in the series. Road courses that I liked were brought in. Folks up in the front offices changed, and the philosophy there has been evolving (this started before Tony was gone, but has certainly accelerated since Randy Bernard was hired). There’s a new car with a bunch of new technology, which should be faster and zoomier than the current one that should be getting track tested for the first time in 6-7 months. Indianapolis is still (rightly) the centerpoint and crown jewel of the series (um, it’s right there in the series name). What we’ve got now looks a whole lot like what I fell in love with from 1991 to 1995.

      I say that there are two logical conclusions: 1) embrace what we’ve got now, while maybe still hoping for a tweak or two here and there to the things you don’t like (nobody’s saying you have to be 100% happy with the product – I’m not, but I’m oeverwhelmingly positive about where we’re going); or 2) find a new hobby. Life’s too short, and you only get one. Why waste your time?

  3. ” Their lack of intellect and insight cause them to forge opinions more whacko than Tea Party nutjobs ignorantly crusading against anything Democrat.”

    And what disciple, is anything democrat?

    Those terrible tea party people, who believe in only spending the money they have and no more, not paying off disiples union buddies, allowing disciple the freedom to attend Indycar racing free of inteference and not run by the government. Expecting personal responsibility. Believing it is theft to take money from someone who earned it to give it to someone who didn’t.

    Defender/disiple, you killed your credibility at the beginning of your article by pulling politics into it. Too bad because we tend to agree on IMS and CART.

    Just curious, what would have been the democrat solution to the IRL/Cart split?

    Editor’s Note: I never really discuss politics or religion in public. It is well beyond stupid to do either one. Hell, in Indiana alone there are enough Jesus loving Republicans to keep us all Old Testament fundamental all the time. In this blog I was merely attempting to use a colorful comparison of two groups with extreme viewpoints, hair triggers and translucent skin. I would actually prefer that we keep discussion confined to racing, and I can find other colorful comparison narrative if necessary.

  4. I can answer that question redd. This new series still has the same smelly aura of failure that the earl had. Ugly cars, crappy engines and an ever decreasing legion of fat assed gomers that love em so. Other than that, it’s awesome.

    Editor’s Note: This is a prime example of the cancer that should be eviscerated from the sport. It does not need critics who do not get it and act like two year olds.

  5. Disciple/Defender, I wouldn’t let those like TroyM rattle you too much. It’s just their way of getting attention, something which they apparently aren’t getting enough of in their private lives. No amount of reasoning or intelligent debate is going to change their minds or their tactics, so just ignoring them would be the best thing you can do. I’m almost sixty-four, I’ve been around the block a few times, so I know what I’m talking about. You have your share of real supporters out there, of which I’m one.

  6. We all know that those so called haters that claim they never watch any of our races have to be watching, in order to know the results and the action that occurred during the race, they are the first to post anything about the race, they know what drivers will be racing what cars they will be driving, what tracks will be added for the next season. The only thing they will not do is admit that they continue to enjoy the racing as it is today and look forward to the new cars and engines for 2012.

  7. Perhaps if you didn’t get banned from Dolan’s forum and many others, you could’ve responded to me over there. Perhaps you can shoot TF an Email and see if you can register as Disciple and maybe they will let you back in the club.

    Editor’s Note: As usual, you are pretty far behind.

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