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March 16, 2011

Still No Progress or Substantive Updates Regarding Live Streaming of INDYCAR Content

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I would like to publicly thank the following individuals for their best attempts at INDYCAR coverage during the test sessions at Barber Motorsports Park.

-The Barber Motorsports folks themselves for Facebook snapshots and videos

-Anyone who tweets or posts on Facebook from the sessions

-Trackside Online for their consistently magnificent coverage

-John Kernan, for posting print, audio and video material on his RPM2Night site

-INDYCAR personnel for updating data on the website and via social media outlets

-Various attendees for linking Flickr and other sites on racing forums

As an Indy Car fan I enjoy browsing all the material to get a feel for the activities down that way. The efforts of all these people is deeply appreciated.

The problem is NOTHING IS BEING STREAMED LIVE. Unlike EVERY other major sport that has a prominent online presence, INDYCAR continues to have NOTHING. Even though none of the coverage is on Versus, nothing is online either. This is a mandate set forth by the Versus/NBC people. Whoever made that decision on behalf of a supposed ‘partner’ at this particular time should be fired. This is not attracting eyeballs, it is sending them away. That is well beyond stupid. Inexcusable.

Let me get this straight. If IMS Productions is responsible for production of all the broadcasts (except for direction during race broadcasts), and IMS Productions is the only entity that produces content owned by INDYCAR, what is the problem with streaming? No one from Versus is directly involved in the production process when races are not airing.

If IMS Productions provides people, cameras, trucks, equipment, etc., and produces video content whenever official on-track activity occurs then what, exactly, is the problem with streaming the content? Again, no one from Versus is directly involved in the production process.

If Versus has little to nothing to do with any IMS Productions activity outside race day, what is the problem with streaming content? It makes ZERO sense and screws fans in the process.

Unless Comcast/NBC has promised something of substance before the season begins, it might be a good idea to get better lawyers involved. This situation remains unacceptable. Sorry for harping on this for almost a week, but this is the most significant step backward the INDYCAR Series has ever taken.

Let’s get this fixed ASAP or at least provide fans with an explanation that consists of more than lip service. I am always willing to admit I am mistaken if there are facts not included in this blog, so if there are, let’s give them some spin.



  1. I don’t think it’s the biggest step backwards ever. It’s something that needs to be explained better & fixed, if legally possible.

    Comment by redd — March 16, 2011 @ 1:12 am | Reply

  2. I understand why Versus may not want simultaneous streaming during races and qualifying because viewers may watch the streaming while Versus is in commercial. That makes perfect sense to me. And in a business sense, it is fair. Versus needs to make money on Indy and Indy needs Versus to make money.

    But when it comes to Indy practices – what is the issue? Maybe someone watching live streaming of a practice just might say “Hmmm this looks cool. Maybe I will tune into Versus tomorrow and watch the qualifying.” Seems like a win-win-win for Indycar, Versus and the fans. Versus would gain more viewers by utilizing this, in essence, free advertising (streaming) of their product. The streaming of the practices would scream “Hey if you like this, tune in to Versus tomorrow for Qualifying!”

    Providing live streaming for practices when Versus has no interest to broadcast these practices doesn’t seem unfair to anyone. Actually, denying the live streaming not only sets us back to the 1900s but seems unfair to the fan.

    Comment by Gilco — March 16, 2011 @ 2:21 am | Reply

  3. I’ve got it! I’ve figured out why this is happening. Since it is the 100th anniversary of the IMS they want us all to take a step back in time and get a feel of how things were back in the good old days, before these damn computer thing-a-majigs, and watch it all on tv. (They realize few people know what an AM radio is so they aren’t going that far by making us listen to the races only.) Next year as we step into the future with new cars etc. they will come out with a modern computer package for our viewing pleasure.

    So enjoy this year everyone, this is how things used to be. If anyone still has a black and white tv that would be even better.

    Comment by Gary — March 16, 2011 @ 2:55 pm | Reply

  4. Here it is 2013 and still no real progress for online streaming. you can now get it through a Verizon app. but that is very limited. I surely can’t get it. So here I am an Indycar fan for years and in this day and age I can’t watch a race becuase on line streaming is my only access. And I am sure I am not the only one.

    Shame on you Indycar! do you folks have half a brain?? Probably not since it is all lawyers handling this.

    I’m not asking for free, I’m just asking for some kind of access via the internet.


    Comment by Gary — April 7, 2013 @ 1:25 pm | Reply

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