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March 28, 2011

Finally….The 2011 Indy Car Season is Underway

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I do not know whether I would call the INDYCAR season opener at St. Pete auspicious, but it was great to get the season underway after a long off season punctuated with lots of change. Once the ‘most diverse and talented drivers in the world’ got beyond their self-choreographed Keystone Kops movie for the first 16 laps, most of which were run under yellow, it was not a bad event.

Fan favorite Tony Kanaan finished third with his new team that has only been around barely a week, and Simona de Silvestro finished 4th after losing her engineer a week ago to Tony Kanaan. Predictably, Ganassi and Penske drivers occupied P1 and P2.

Marco Andretti ends up on his lid more than just about any other Indy Car driver in modern history.  In his defense he did have assistance, but the problem with about everyone in the group that ended up clustered in a heap was a desire to try and win the first lap. Patience does not seem to be a long suit of these folks.

ESPN on ABC gave us another few hours of wholly uninspired coverage as usual, but they ran long and did not dump out to ESPN News so that is a good sign. They also ran an open that respects the rich history of the sport and that bodes well for Indy. Those hoping for higher ratings that normal may end up disappointed. Street courses do not inspire eyeballs to be glued to the tube, and when you have monotones in the booth (at least Marty lost that selective hillbilly twang he utilizes when they are in their NASCAR coverage window) and miss critical passes for the lead (Dario passing Will then not looking back) a 1.0 is probably the best possible hope.

The important thing is that the season is underway, and for Indy Car fans who have been waiting months through a brutal winter this is a fantastic time. We’ll see you in Birmingham!




  1. Dear Defender:

    Yesterday’s race was a disgrace and no way for the IRL to showcase its drivers and series…while the crowds were large and enthusiastic, the racing, especially the opening lap disaster and the inability of the teams to avoid crashing during the first dozen laps, gave all of us in the grandstands a chuckle as the ‘greatest drivers in the world’ could not manage to cleanly get past the first turn…forget the double wide starts/re-starts on road/street courses unless the IRL wants to demonstrate the best way to trash its cars…as for the venue, Saint Pete took a big step back as the drivers were introduced not to the main grandstand but to the backside of the course where a few dozen fans were standing prior to the start of the event…and the vendors ran out of programs by 11:00 AM!!!! Shameful way to attract new or casual fans and to take care of us die hard fans who actually travel to these events….are you listening Randy!!!

    Comment by Neil Rubin — March 28, 2011 @ 6:14 pm | Reply

  2. I actually thought that ABC was better than usual this weekend. Sure, they missed a lot of passing and spent a lot of time following Danica around in 9th, but the opening was befitting a 500 and it was refreshing to hear Scott Goodyear speak his mind a few times. If they can build on this for the rest of the year, I’ll be fairly happy.

    Comment by The Speedgeek — March 30, 2011 @ 9:54 pm | Reply

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