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April 19, 2011

Long Beach Was Great for Indy Car. Why Can’t The Usual Suspects Just Accept That?

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Writers who STILL pine for a period that ended twenty to twenty-five years ago are doing a horrible disservice to the sport. Their continuing unprofessional, hostile, repetitive chirping is an anvil attached to the neck of the sport. No amount of cajoling from actual professionals such as Randy Bernard is likely to change such vulgar behavior.

Saturn Was Big in 1990 Too, But It Aint Coming Back Either

Robin Miller and Gordon Kirby come to mind. Both wrote otherwise fascinating columns about activities in and around the Long Beach event. Kirby wrote a very good one about the early days of Roger Penske. Miller was critical of Brian Barnhart and related how owners were bitching about the cost of a new car.

But back to the main question. When will idiots who refuse to budge from 1990 begin to understand that the entire world has changed in fundamental ways? Long Beach had the largest crowd it has had in years, but that does not seem to matter to flat earth children that refuse to budge from twenty years ago. Are these people really as stupid as they appear when nailing themselves to crosses publicly?

Look objectively at the facts, folks. Attendance at all three Indy Car events thus far is substantially higher than last year. Ratings are steady or up. This is occurring despite the fact that other motor sports properties are not achieving the same numbers. NASCAR’s ratings are steady, but their attendance has plummeted.

How difficult would it be for jerks with access to column space to discover even a miniscule amount of professional behavior? Speaking of malcontents, owners that have been bitching about the need for a new car for years are getting one next year. So what are they doing now? Bitching about the cost. If you have ever had any doubts about why owners consistently fail as a group when they attempt to self govern, those doubts ought to be eliminated now.



  1. Dear Defender:

    Let’s us get serious…we simply agree to disagree as fans of the same form of American motorsport…both of us intensely follow Indy Car and have a passion for American open wheel racing, this is undeniable…however, we will never find common ground on the Tony George issue and his actions and conduct following his decision to create the IRL…I will always blame TG and his failed vision for splitting the American Open Wheel community and allowing NASCAR to become the most popular and lucrative form of motorsport in the US…you can continue to support his efforts and applaud his formation of the league which contained very valid arguments in favor of more ovals, more participation by American drivers, teams and manufacturers and a sharper focus on the Indy 500 as the crown jewel of the series…in counterpoint, I will continue to denounce his foolish decisions to sell out IMS to the Brickyard 400, his nonsense in bringing a hammer to work everyday, his complaining about IMS breathing money (doesn’t every business?) and his vindictive and pointless shut out of CART teams to the ‘500’ during the early years of the IRL…one thing that you can’t deny is the fact that but for Penske’s and Ganassi’s deep pocket sponsors pushing both teams to return to the 500 early in the last decade, CART’s top tier teams never would have migrated to the IRL along with Honda and Toyota…we continue to focus on the glory years of the 1990’s because we will never again see a reigning F1 champ come over to race in American Open Wheel, we will never again see the national media pay attention to Indy Car events, and we will never again match the general interest of NASCAR.

    That said, I really wish you would stop bashing us who supported CART/Champ Car and instead focus on the positive aspects of the series moving forward and concentrating on ways to improve the racing and the health of the series…do you not agree?

    Editor’s Note: Stand by for an entire blog topic. This one is just too good to pass up.

    Comment by Neil Rubin — April 20, 2011 @ 3:37 pm | Reply

  2. niel rubin, Indy car today is the best racing in America, I am disapointed sometimes, how ever I do enjoy the racing, those that want R@S races have a handful, those that enjoy ovals have several they can attend, what is needed is some races out west on an oval, the porblem I see is that there are too many out there that bitch and complain that never attened any races, oval or r&s.

    Comment by rosco — April 21, 2011 @ 6:46 am | Reply

  3. Dear Rosco:

    I have attended, at my expense, at least two Indy Car events (CART/Champ Car/IRL/Izod Indy Car Series) every year since 1989 so I am well qualified to gripe and complain if I choose…that said, I agree that more West Coast races are needed, whether oval, road or street, especially a return to Portland…at least Randy has scheduled the finale for Vegas and I am very happy to conclude the season in Sin City rather than here in Miami where the temp and humidity make the last round unpleasant the last two years.

    Comment by Neil Rubin — April 21, 2011 @ 8:10 pm | Reply

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