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Indy Cars Headed For South America and Turkish Fans Are Headed to the Scrap Heap

Does this sound familiar? Turkey is about to lose their Formula One race because Bernie wants to double the size of the vig from $13 million to $26 million. The reaction of officials in Turkey is essentially that Bernie is out of his frickin’ mind. But we already knew that. It’s a damned shame Formula One does not put its fans first. Even more pathetic is the way in which the most diehard fans of that branch of the sport simply swallow whatever gets launched toward their throats. How could we expect any other type of behavior from Bernie and crew? It will interesting to see how ‘sweet’ the Austin deal stays.

The Indy Cars will be headed for Brazil before long, and the fourth race of the season should be still another home run in terms of attendance, as each of the previous three events of the season already have. There are some who just cannot stand to see such success. Watching them suffer is not fun and it is my wish they ultimately grow up. Five more days until May!

2 replies to “Indy Cars Headed For South America and Turkish Fans Are Headed to the Scrap Heap

  1. You could, of course, say that there were close to no Turkish F1 fans to get screwed over, since from what I’ve heard attendance there was usually in the sub-Homestead neighborhood, but those of us who watch from thousands of miles away will certainly be deprived of one of the better “racing” tracks on the F1 calendar. Fast corners, a combination of high speed and technical sections, and multiple potential passing areas…more please. Tilke did it right in Instanbul.

    I really wonder how many countries there will be left worldwide who will be willing to put up with Bernie’s extortionist rates within 5 years. Of course, he probably just figures “well, I’m going to kick off in 5-10 years anyway, so who cares if there are any races left on the 2025 F1 calendar? Let me extract my billions of dollars worth of fees now, and bugger whoever’s still around then.” I only hope that many of the track deals can be renegotiated after he’s dead, since yearly 10% sanction increases can only be sustained for so long before nobody can afford them, even the folks in the middle east.

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