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A New Car for 2012: How’s It Coming Along?

A common question/obsession among the Indy Car faithful pretty regularly deals with the status of the new Indy Car for 2012. You know, the Dallara base with the bolt on aero kits. Many are worried because the new Dallara plant in Speedway is still just a pile of rubble of the building it will replace. To add suspense, everybody’s favorite  ‘who needs milk’ guy, Jimmy Vasser, intimated the other day that maybe the series ought to wait until 2013 for a new car.

Tony Cotman is the guy in charge of the new car project, and he gave a sort of ‘state of the car’ over the weekend. One highlight is his indication that two show cars will be delivered and on display at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during practice and qualifications for the race this year. He also indicated development of engines from Honda, Chevrolet and Lotus are on time.

Cotman indicates two versions of the new car sans motors will be located near the Pagoda, probably in the vicinity where the Delta Wing was last year. He expects on track testing to commence August 1. Rumor is that Dan Wheldon will be the primary test driver.

The rollout of the new Indy Car should add compelling storylines through the next off season and into 2012 as forward momentum continues!

2 replies to “A New Car for 2012: How’s It Coming Along?

  1. Jimmy didn’t say move the car to 2013, he said move the additional aerokits to 2013 so they don’t have to buy a car and extra aerokits in one year when they are on tight budgets.

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