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April 29, 2011

Randy Bernard Needs To Adjust Certain Aspects of the Indy Car/NBC Sports Partnership Today

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Randy Bernard has been enormously successful in the year and a half he has been with Indy Car, but his failures remain fairly glaring as well.

The fact there is no meaningful streaming of online content (unlike every other significant sports entity) is egregious. It does not matter whose fault it is or whose hands are tied. Potential fans, particularly those without a chance in hell of being able to watch Versus, are simply screwed.

When fans go online for something as simple as timing and scoring they get regularly assaulted by badly coded, often error prone, always frustrating messes of screens.

Everyone seems to believe Versus has been great, but since the Comcast ‘takeover’ of NBC results are underwhelming. I cannot imagine the turf wars going on in New York and elsewhere, but NBC appears to be winning the battle of managing the merged entity.

Indy Car’s biggest problem over the years, even with Randy Bernard at the helm, is the inexplicable way in which people who work for him consistently seem to fail to pay attention to all the details of any one issue. As a result important things fall through cracks.

The latest example of this occurred this morning when I typed Versus.com into my browser and was redirected to the nbcsports.msnbc.com site. On that front page is an assault of stick n’ ball that would make ESPN proud. There is NOTHING on the front page about their Indy Car partner. NOTHING.

Worse, when you click on the ‘Motor’ link on the front page, you get assaulted with NASCAR. Still NOTHING about Indy Car. Never mind the race coming up this weekend. NOTHING.

The ONLY link to anything even remotely resembling Indy Car is labeled ‘IRL.’ I fully understand that the editorial content of such web sites is controlled by mostly motorsports ignorant, stick n’ ball-centric northeasterners and I can understand that cultural myopia. They can’t really help it, unlike ESPN which is occasionally willfully hostile in their editorial treatment of Indy Car. But the actual dropping of balls is the direct result of people NOT paying attention in the 16th Street Indy Car offices.

Someone needs to answer the following questions today:

  1. Why isn’t Indy Car FEATURED on the front page EVERY TIME someone goes to the page?
  2. Where is there not ANY mention of the race this weekend?
  3. Why on earth is an entity that is supposedly a partner using the acronym IRL? Did they fail to receive the press release?

This blatant lack of attention to detail is inexcusable and MUST be corrected TODAY.

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  1. Agree 100% as I had the same experience. If the network is still called Versus then there should at least be a website that cross-promotes the sports on the network FIRST! It’s not that difficult. Also, why can’t VS simply use the timing and scoring that IndyCar used last year? it was far superior than the floating circles and squares of the current IndyCar site.

    Comment by indymoon — May 2, 2011 @ 6:54 pm | Reply

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