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May 5, 2011

Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Trump Decision: Which Way Will They Go?

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As follow-up from observations of yesterday regarding Indy Car owners potentially f*%#ing up the sport for everyone else, Eddie Gossage also stated the obvious on ESPN’s web site:


Kudos to the most consistently supportive business partner the Indy Car Series has ever had. The next time you see Mr. Gossage you should thank him for all he does.

It is also getting close to decision time for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway regarding Donald Trump. Perhaps they should consult Mr. Gossage about that particular pickle as well. My biggest frustration regarding the Trump issue is the complete lack of acknowledgement about the 100 year history of IMS. Most people seem to believe Trump in the pace car is bad because of his political views. While extreme, who cares? The guy is a sleazy, lowest common denominator celebrity who feeds his ego more than worrying about business. I am bothered IMS wants someone like that as one of the faces of their centennial. I am convinced IMS has lost its collective mind. These people are charged with maintaining one of the richest legacies in sports and they really want to pull this Trump stunt? I am very worried about the future of my track.

There are two ways this could go, and it is difficult to say what will happen:

-IMS could extract itself from the mess and put someone deserving behind the wheel. A.J. Foyt on the 50th anniversary of his first win. How about a Navy Seal? How about some other genuine hero? The race is intrinsically linked to Memorial Day, and the honoring of people who have served the country is really important.  Why would IMS cheapen and insult the 100th anniversary with such a vulgar choice? If IMS uses just common sense, this choice will be a no-brainer.

-The second choice seems more likely because they are already setting it up. You hear casually stated observations like ‘well we have heard from a lot of people who really like the choice’ and other such rationalization. If they go forward with it, I fear the karma that will rain down.

There is still time to make this right. It is my sincere hope the Indianapolis Motor Speedway does the right thing. Basic respect for the rich spirit of the place is all they need to begin.

UPDATE:  Trump is OUT. It appears both sides handled it gracefully. Wow. There is hope after all. Now put A.J. into the seat.



  1. There is hope as far as Donald Trump is concerned. My local paper this morning has an article telling that there is a movement starting with race fans, local citizens, and at least one Indiana congressman stating they don’t want The Donald driving the pace car. How effective they can be (it may be a matter of too little, too late)remains to be seen. As I said earlier concerning Trump, money “trumps” everything, but maybe this time, somebody worthy will be there. You probably know all this already, Defender, but my paper has very little about auto racing most of the time; that they considered this news worth noticing is an accomplishment in itself.

    Comment by DOUG — May 5, 2011 @ 4:48 pm | Reply

  2. Dear Defender:

    Our great national nightmare has ended as the Donald has canceled his planned appearance to drive the pace car…apparently, the grass roots movement took hold and he decided that the promotional stunt would ‘distract’ him from announcing his presidential bid…good for us and good for people of sanity everywhere….now, just let A.J. drive the damn car as I am worried about his health and he may not be around with us forever….

    Comment by Neil Rubin — May 5, 2011 @ 9:20 pm | Reply

  3. Looks like Eddie wants Trump for the Texas races.

    Comment by Robin Mueller — May 5, 2011 @ 9:54 pm | Reply

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