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May 26, 2011

The Indianapolis 500 and Drivers With A Sense of Humor

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The Likeness of Paul Tracy on the Famous Borg Warner Trophy

I appreciate every driver who competes in the Indianapolis 500. It takes guts, talent and determination. They have to deal with politics, weird people and money consistently…and generally do not mind risking their lives to do that. One guy people love to hate is Paul Tracy. He has hell raised his way in Indy Car for many years. He was one of the drivers who got caught up in the most stupid, counterproductive boycott in the history of sports, and like many others threw the prime of his career away by not competing at Indy and instead following the hot air that was the twice-failed cart. Most everyone who still could eventually slithered back to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Racing fans appreciate that and at least the appearance of unity, even though the cart bunch returned with all their warts and blemishes.

I will say this about Paul Tracy: He is still trying to get it done at an age when most are well past their prime. He gives it all he has whenever he is on the track. As a racing fan, I truly appreciate what he does on the track. Off the track, he is also one of the most accessible drivers as well. He has embraced social media and spends a lot of time interacting with fans, including on forums. He is not afraid to jab, and he starts a lot of discussion topics that are considered controversial.  As Robin Miller often claims, the sport needs controversy. There is no better person to stir things up consistently than Paul Tracy. As one prone to doing the same things he should be commended.

He also has a sense of humor, and I have a feeling he would take the picture attached to this blog post in the spirit within which it is intended. It is designed for people with senses of humor. Humorless geeks on some fan forums who express some cockamamie self-righteous sense of indignation over pictures like these should try hard to discover a sense of humor. The picture is tame compared to many other things in popular media.

I captioned the picture in a thread Paul Tracy started about cars on the Borg Warner instead of drivers by saying ‘Hey Paul, I stopped by the museum today and think I saw your likeness on the Borg Warner.’  It is also in reference to the 2002 controversy when many claim he won the race. It is intended as sarcastic humor. Innocent enough. But many have selectively thin skin and did not see it that way.  It must be difficult going through life without the ability to laugh. I laugh at myself far more than I laugh at others. Maybe we should ask Paul what he thinks, but I doubt he cares. He has other priorities right now. I have a feeling when he puts the pedal to the metal on Sunday we will be in for excitement.

It’s race weekend, and we will catch up afterward. Be safe and we will see you at the track!



  1. I’ll be at the track Sunday. I fear it may be a sloppy race, as there are a number of drivers who do not have a lot of oval racing experience. I expect a higher than normal number of accidents, and not just in the two wide restarts.

    Paul Tracy found some speed in qualifications that it did not appear he had. I would not count him out. This 500 is more wide open than any in recent memory. Literally half the field has a legitmate chance to win, especially if some of the favorites get caught up in the mayhem.

    Comment by Bob F. — May 27, 2011 @ 12:46 pm | Reply

  2. Paul Tracy’s making the ‘500 starting field was one of the highlights, if not THE highlight of my weekend during the bumping. Yes, it is a tragedy that he spent the best years of his career in a series with no future, but he’s more than trying to make up for it now. I don’t think there will be anyone who won’t be happy if PT performs well in the race–including his competitors. What the heck, A. J., Mario, and Al Unser drove into their fifties, still cutting the mustard, so why not Paul?

    Comment by DOUG — May 27, 2011 @ 3:43 pm | Reply

  3. In my eyes he did win the 500

    Comment by rosco — May 28, 2011 @ 3:21 am | Reply

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