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June 15, 2011

Randy Bernard Goes Into The Tank For Indy Car Owners

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Many Indy Car fans who really enjoyed an out-of-the-ordinary oval event at Texas Motor Speedway (thanks, Eddie Gossage) had their great feelings tempered not only when the Ganassi boys unleashed a crying jag more tearful than a jilted high school prom queen but more recently after learning Indy Car CEO Randy Bernard has once again bent over for Dario and Chip.

DISCLAIMER AHEAD OF THE INEVITABLE TORRENT OF BARELY LITERATE KNEE JERKING FROM THE USUAL SUSPECTS: I agree the format for the second race of the doubleheader needs to be tweaked. I do not like inversion and I do not like starting the way they finished in the first. There are better ways to do the draw, and it should take no more than 45 minutes. Not 70. So I advocate some changes, but NOT scrapping the concept.

The problem began when the usual suspects, mostly a small group of loudmouthed Indy hating road racing enthusiasts still smarting over the failures of their most recent series and lacking enough maturity to worry about the future well being of the entire sport, began chiding the blind draw for the Indy Car doubleheader as being ‘gimmicky’ and positioning that one event as the reason someone will lose the championship. The classless barrage of disrespect unleashed by mostly Ganassi employees evidently shamed the Nard Dog into referring to the process as ‘gimmicky’ and pledging changes.  He also discussed ‘credibility’

Predictably, Dario patted the Nard Dog on the head with ‘conciliatory’ words like ‘I really appreciate Randy taking ownership of the decision and the fact that it was the wrong decision and he’s not ducking the issue at all. From now on I think we’ll see, I hope we’ll see, better decisions that affect the big picture like the championship. It would have been great as an all-star race or one-off or something like that, but not with a championship race.’ What a pompous ass.

It appears the rats have gotten into Bernard’s head. Now he no longer seems neutral. That was a nice first year, but now that he’s in bed and under the covers with those fellows it won’t be long until cart is completely reconstituted and Randy’s dream of stratospheric growth ala PBR is completely dashed.

What a waste of meaningful growth potential. Whenever Indy Car reaches a position where it can take a leap, someone pulls out a gun and shoots off an appendage. It appears that cycle will never end.



  1. I think you’re over-reacting a bit. Bernard has been walking a fine line between pleasing owners and pleasing fans–something that is, to say the least, difficult. And I think he’s come down on the side of the fans as much or more than owners or drivers. He’s compromising, which usually leads to unhappiness on both sides because neither gets everything they want.

    Most people ultimately agree with Dario message, if not the way his message was delivered. You don’t want what will be a very close championship affected by anything except what competitors deliver on the track.

    I’m sure Gossage and Bernard will figure out a way to both create some entertainment and keep the “gimmicks” from negatively impacting the points race.

    Comment by redcar — June 15, 2011 @ 2:14 pm | Reply

  2. Frankly, I just think there are better ways of doing a semi-random lineup for Race 2 than outright drawing numbers, which is completely random and divorced from anything that happened on the track (although, I guess to the folks who are pro-random draw, that’s the point). I’ve seen posited in a couple places that they could do the Race 2 lineup off of Race 1 best lap speeds. In that case, here’s what our Race 2 grid would have looked like:

    Row 1 – Viso / Danica
    Row 2 – Briscoe / Carpenter
    Row 3 – Tags / TK
    Row 4 – Marco / Taku
    Row 5 – Power / Graham

    That’s a fairly random grid, but it was determined by something that actually happened on the track, not an out and out lottery with the contrived gimmickry that we saw on Saturday night. The leaders in Race 1 are penalized somewhat by the fact that they didn’t spend any of the race in the draft, and so are a little slower than those who may have been effectively working the draft back in the pack. Also, if they did it this way, they could still interview all of the drivers between races without the dragging spectacle of the 70 minute random draw (which I agree absolutely has to be shortened, regardless of what they wind up doing next year).

    Comment by The Speedgeek — June 15, 2011 @ 2:56 pm | Reply

  3. What the heck does this have to do with Champ Car? You are a strange, strange man.

    Comment by Bill B. — June 15, 2011 @ 4:45 pm | Reply

    • Actually, Bill, Disciple is not a strange man. That would actually be a compliment.

      What he is, sadly, is a zealot and a bigot. Not racially-at least not as far as I know-but a zealot and bigot who believes that Tony George is God and has an illogical hatred for anyone/anything even remotely affiliated with CART/ChampCar, be it drivers, teams, team owners, fans, etc.

      This diatribe is the latest in a series of cheap shots Disciple likes to take every now and then against CART/ChampCar. And just you wait, he’s going to come back with some lame hypocrisy about CART/ChampCar and me while doing the EXACT thing he’s decrying. His philosophy can be summed up like this: Do as I tell you to do, not what I say or do. This is the same attitude that has gotten Disciple banned from EVERY INDYCAR related message board and inspired him to create his own place to spew. To be fair, he does make some valid points every now and then, but too often, like now, those are drowned out by his hypocrisy, zealotry and flat out illogical hatred.

      Editor’s Note: With all due respect, you have virtually no reading comprehension skills and your consistently pointless, off-topic meandering fits to a ‘T’ the stereotype you say I have with regard to cart idiots. My advice is twofold: 1) Try to learn how to comprehend words you think you read. 2) Grow up.

      Comment by Thesmartestguyintheroom — June 16, 2011 @ 12:00 am | Reply

  4. Don’t like a random draw? Don’t like an inversion? How about a draw for a random green-flag lap of the first race (with nobody in the pits), and use the lap times from that lap as the order. Cars that were already out on that lap start at the back if they can still start.

    Comment by A fan — June 15, 2011 @ 10:48 pm | Reply

  5. you wrote: “It appears the rats have gotten into Bernard’s head. Now he no longer seems neutral. That was a nice first year, but now that he’s in bed and under the covers with those fellows it won’t be long until cart is completely reconstituted and Randy’s dream of stratospheric growth ala PBR is completely dashed.”

    No longer seems neutral? I don’t understand what you are trying to say. I hate to burst your bubble, but the participants need to have a big say in how things go in a racing series. You seem to have this fantasy where the former CART owners are beaten down with a stick and are told what they are to do. All of the power coming from thou holy empire, the indy motor raceway.

    Here’s a little something your small brain does not understand…….without teams, you have no series.

    Comment by TroyM — June 16, 2011 @ 10:47 pm | Reply

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