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July 8, 2011

IZOD Allows Their Indy Car Gals To Be Sexy; Sprint Takes A Different Approach

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NASCAR’s title sponsor fired a pretty hot ‘Miss Sprint’ (one of three who strut suggestively at Cup events) this week. Why? Someone forwarded Sprint and NASCAR brass an old e-mail from the college days of Paige Duke at Clemson in which she was naked, flopping her luscious mammary glands around and shooting beavers. All for the benefit of a long-departed boyfriend.

It would be easy at this point to chide the young gal for not using her noggin as much as she used her plumbing, but let’s face it. We all do things we wish we had not before our brains catch up with our hormones. She is not alone in either posing nude or getting fired for it.

My real issue is not the nudity. The girl is smoking hot, especially naked as a jaybird. Isn’t that the entire point of having these gals strut around race tracks with their teats pointed straight ahead in Sprint uniforms that are too small for their bodies? Most of the orthodontics challenged, deodorant deprived, t-shirt wearing male attendees at Cup events probably need the stimulation for later. And have you ever seen the mostly bovine companions they bring along?

Before I get chided I freely admit there is a lot of that at Indy Car events (and most other racing events except Formula 1, where the trend leans more toward fruity). To the best of my knowledge the IZOD Indy Car gal, Cameron Haven, has not been around much but I do not believe she has been fired. As far as I know neither IZOD nor Indy Car has ever had a problem with exposure of her teats or holiest of holes, and in reputable publications no less. Again, is that not the point? To titillate?

As usual, Sprint and by association NASCAR come off as a bunch of bible-belt hypocrites. What else is new? Memo to IZOD and Indy Car: Get this gal into an IZOD uniform and send her to the track. We need all of the willing-to-shed-clothing attractive gals we can get. And get Cameron back to the tracks too. I miss her.


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