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July 20, 2011

Hoping For Actual Racing for Indy Cars This Weekend

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The IZOD Indy Car Series remains north of the border and headed west to Edmonton for an event on another temporary twisty, this time on a reconfigured track. With any luck at all it will not devolve into a county fair demolition derby as it did in the narrow alleyways of the horrid Toronto temporary circuit.

What the Indy Car Series needs at this moment given continuing inconsistency in the micromanagement booth is for drivers to take matters into their own hands after another ruins their day. It worked for the southern series in 1979. Granted, Dario and Will duking it out would probably resemble two skirt wearing 2nd grade girls pulling hair but it would get both ink and coverage on Sports Center. Lowest common denominator titillation always does.

The idiot doomsayers continue stupidly predicting the end for Indy Car (wrong for 16 years running). This time their mostly incoherent theme seems to be a purported motor shortage even though three manufacturers are set to join the party. Along the same line the chicken littles continue cackling about how they feel the new car will not be ready. Meanwhile, back in the realm of actual reality, Dan Wheldon is in Parma getting a new seat and Tony Cotman indicates delivery is ahead of schedule and the new car will begin testing in less than one month. The Dallara facility being constructed on Main Street in Speedway is ahead of schedule.

Jeff Belskus announced yesterday that entire stands will be closed for the Brickyard 400 this year. Hopefully they won’t cram the remaining fans into camera friendly narrow seats in the sun.

Good luck in Edmonton to the Indy Car competitors. Hopefully competitors will discover either talent or their best UFC impressions.


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