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July 22, 2011

Imagine That…An ‘I Hate Indy Car’ Rant in Robin Miller’s Mailbag

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One of the most enjoyable guilty pleasures I enjoy with this blog is exposing blithering, hypocrite idiots who mindlessly pontificate for generally suspicious reasons. Predictably yours truly often gets chided for what folks incoherently claim is similar uttering.  Their M.O. is always the same. They are critical of Indy Car for fairly stupid reasons and usually after allowing themselves to become disenfranchised after the cart boycott and the subsequent failure, twice, of that owner managed debacle. They follow by offering advice and then swear off Indy Car for good. Just as predictably you can bet these same people will be glued to their sets for Edmonton this weekend and for every Indy Car race that follows.

The latest such childish malcontent to nail himself to an ‘I hate Indy Car’ cross for no apparent reason is Duncan Lee, who positions himself as a former ‘Director of International Sponsorships’ for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco. He claims involvement with every form of motor sport except Indy Car. His angst took the form, as many do, of a comment question to Robin Miller’s mailbag on the Speed website. Even though his self proclaimed area of expertise is sponsorship, his criticism of Indy Car centered on race control on restarts. Being the ‘expert’ he believes he is, he has pronounced race control ‘amateur’ and has dismissed Indy Car as not a real series.

He does not stop there. This supposed angst has him so worked up he says he is giving his free tickets for Vegas to someone else and is canceling the suite to which he was inviting potential corporate sponsors. Hey Duncan…how about letting me use your tickets and suite? I have more corporate interest than I can reasonably accommodate, and I could really use the extra space. Potential corporate sponsors would be better served anyway by someone without any ax to grind and a balanced demeanor borne of over five decades of experience of supporting all forms of the sport.

These types of people are the scum of the Indy Car racing earth. Guess when his involvement with R.J. Reynolds sponsorship ended? 1995. Guess what else happened that year? LOL. And just what was he doing willingly working for a company that knowingly produces a product that kills people? Is his outrage not misdirected? Really, what is more important? Brian Barnhart being Napoleanic over where cars get positioned for restarts or millions of people dying slow, agonizing deaths by using products you represented?

Miller offered to forward Duncan’s missive to Randy Bernard who will no doubt begin quaking in his Tony Lamas.  If Duncan cared as much as he says he does, why would he not leverage his vast experience to contact Randy Bernard directly, especially if potential sponsorship is at risk? Why even bother ranting like any other childish Indy Car obsessed hater on a mostly hidden web column?

Enjoy Edmonton this weekend, pal…and all the rest of the Indy Car season. We know you will be watching it all.


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