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August 4, 2011

Indy Car News of the Week: So Long Danica and Hello Mid-Ohio

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The sports community is abuzz over the rumored departure from Indy Car to NASCAR of the usually scowling Danica Patrick. Most Indy Car fans are over it. Who can blame her? She will get rich beyond her wildest imagination for being a journeywoman and gets to escape the dysfunctional arrangement she had at Andretti.  NASCAR has claimed her as their own for two years, so what is the difference? Good luck…NASCAR will market you as a female Christ with a second coming.

Speaking of Christ and in follow-up to a blog topic last week, I was walking my dog around the Georgetown side of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway amazed at how fast the trash the gets left behind gets picked up. Do you know what STILL litters fields and yards for miles, however? Religious pamphlets with checkered flags on them that zealous nutjobs left on cars, in doorways and anywhere else they could stick one. Guess where they all ended up? On the ground. They are still there. How Christian is it to litter God’s green earth with all that cartoony propaganda?

Mid-Ohio is this weekend and another great crowd is expected for the Indy Car Series. All the camping spots are sold out. The upcoming Baltimore street ‘race’ has been getting some press as well…the track goes over TWO railroad crossings.

Formula One head dipshit Bernie Eccelstone still wants two Grand Prix events in the USA…Austin and a street course in or near New York. What is wrong with Indy? Uh, Bernie…we even have a really nice new JW Marriott now. No need to overnight in Chicago. Indy will get you 125,000 fans into the joint. Hard to say when the Austin deal will come off. Latest rumor is now November, 2012. Indy already has a fully functional facility, and much of it just got repaved. Come on back!

See y’all in Ohio this weekend.


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  1. Definitely done with Danica. I’m just really tired of her petulant attitude.

    Comment by IcyFog — August 4, 2011 @ 10:09 pm | Reply

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