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August 17, 2011

Whacko ‘Indy Car is Almost Dead’ Conspiracy Theories

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Just when you think there is peace, harmony and ‘unification’ in the sport of American open wheel racing, along comes some tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist to offer some nonsense hypothesis about some other purported ‘split.’ I am only highlighting it here because some comment contributor using the handle ‘Cowboy’ from southern California basically engaged in a tit-for-tat in an older blog comment section. Some of you may not go backward to read such things.

As a result, I captured the essence of the theory, and encourage others to comment freely. Essentially, here are the highlights of what we need to watch for:

-Randy Bernard has more to worry about than Tony George or Brian Barnhart.

-A NEW open wheel series is preparing to bring lots of cash and instant credibility.

-‘Ol Cowboy intimates that the parent is Formula One.

-They will go after Indy Car head on and expressly attempt to ‘take out a competitor.’

-Formula One does not regard Indianapolis as the center of anything except a cornfield.

-Cowboy also pigeonholed worldwide Formula One TV numbers.

As usual the taunt/troll is heavy on intimation but woefully short on facts. It is essentially the same cry for attention we have heard for years from cart-centric nutjobs. ‘Indianapolis does not mean anything.’ ‘It needs to be known as an entire series.’

My reaction is the same as always. History is a good teacher. Those with the same philosophy and plan of attack tried it and failed miserably. Twice. Anyone who believes you can beat Indy Car without Indy is an imbecile. Would these people believe the sponsor and manufacturer money would just line up for them simply because they are Formula One and have no marquee? And the most important point of all…if we were faced with a scenario like this wouldn’t someone than some anonymous blog comment contributor be discussing it publicly? Maybe it’s top secret. LOL.

I know it takes all kinds, but will we ever see the arrogant bitterness of such reprobrates subside even a little?



  1. Dont feed the trolls

    Comment by the american mutt — August 17, 2011 @ 4:53 pm | Reply

  2. Conspiracy theorist, I like that.

    Nonsense hypothesis, maybe but maybe not.

    Don’t shoot the messenger old chum. Conversations circulate and I found this one interesting enough to share.

    Formula One is the parent? News to me. It was an observation.

    What’s cart?

    You think open wheel in America is reliant on the Indianapolis 500. I don’t and others seem to agree. Maybe the Indianapolis 500 will work in their favor. Who knows.

    ‘Cowboy’ was a nice touch. Wasn’t it.

    Comment by Cowboy — August 17, 2011 @ 6:20 pm | Reply

  3. Sounds like a hater’s wet dream to me. Sponsors coming on board to back an off shoot of a series, F1, that can’t draw flies in the USA to race only in the USA with a only purpose to kill another series, and people actually believe this.

    Wow, I can’t believe how far gone the wackos are. I’m sure companies are in line wanting to sponsor this……

    Comment by Mike Miller — August 17, 2011 @ 6:35 pm | Reply

  4. So it would be like Indycar without the Indy 500? Genius.

    Comment by redcar — August 18, 2011 @ 12:05 am | Reply

  5. So where is the money going to come from to fund said series? Isn’t the world economy still in the toilet? Last I checked all major racing series are moving to curb expenses. Of course like any good conpiracy theory, it’s always starts with some guy who heard it from another guy who’s brother inlaw’s best friend is in the know. Or this guy could be saying this just to mess with you defender. Just saying…
    Editor’s Note: Gee, ya think? 😉 I like to occasionally highlight these imbecilic theories because they seem to pop up regularly.

    Comment by Matt — August 18, 2011 @ 1:11 pm | Reply

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