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August 22, 2011

The Official Indy Car Witch Hunt In Full Swing

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The negative nabob portion of the Internet Indy Racing community remains perplexed. They seem steadfast in their demand that Brian Barnhart be fired for his call at the conclusion of the Loudon race last weekend. Some cite what they feel is a continuing pattern. Some cite how unacceptable it is to put drivers at risk on a wet oval. All of them and even some actual racing fans want Brian outta there.

It is not difficult to understand knee jerking. It is humorous in some ways to see what began as a few hysterically screaming youthful cart enthusiasts propagate into what seems like a torch-toting mob of pitchfork waving witch hunters. In reality it is what it has always been:  Mutineers who did not get their way after Tony George started the IRL. They boycotted the one event that gave them all of their legitimacy, forced some of the best drivers in the world to waste the prime of their careers in a dead end, and have spent the better part of the past sixteen years trying to impose their will on the sport. Anything and everything associated with Tony George must go, or at least that is the common theme. Also amusing is watching the hecklers explore the furthest regions of their intellect to come up with clever initials such as ‘TGBB’ (led by a guy with the least amount of ethics) and intentional name misspellings like ‘Brian Brainfart.’

It would be nice if all such reactionary chicken littles allowed due process to run its course. Brian Barnhart accepted responsibility for a bad call and that was noble of him. What is it was not really his call? We cannot count on the travelling press to report such a story. Their livelihoods are enhanced by the perks of their profession. There is no way they let go of that teat. Any major expose would certainly mean the end of the fun as they know it. Folks inside say you do not want to

Indy Car Writers On The Job

run afoul of the cowboy or his cronies.

Is this really a bad thing, however? Many of us have long advocated a benevolent dictatorship manipulated by a strong individual with iron testicles. It is the approach Bill France used to build NASCAR. Same with Bernie Eccelstone. If Randy Bernard takes Indy Car to the destination to which he is aiming, will people care about how he got there?

I feel sorry for Brian Barnhart. He is basically just an order following lieutenant in the Bernard army. If the shrieking idiots had a brain in their collective noggins they might recognize that, not to mention every other aspect of the evolution of the sport that has passed most of them by.



  1. Barnhart really f#$*ed up last week. Don’t care if he owned it or not, he should be fired for it. People need to be held accountable.

    Comment by Matt — August 22, 2011 @ 7:03 pm | Reply

  2. The crazies trying to abolish everything IRL are just doing to the IRL what the IRL proudly did to CART. But it does not matter because we dont even count there races.
    Editor’s Note: I see the literacy skills of cart enthusiasts remain unchanged.

    Comment by Monty — August 23, 2011 @ 1:21 am | Reply

  3. I see your obsession with so called CART entusiasts is alive and well. Maybe one day you will actually focus on being a fan of the sport and talk about the actual racing on the track. Instead, all you do is scour the internet looking for folks you can slap a label on, then write a blog about them and why thy are wrong (they don’t have the same warped thinking you do). If you aren’t doing that, you are trashing the car owners, except the few that were there before 2002. Your lust for a benevolent dictator is laughable. You are too stupid to realize that if the car owners are not happy, and they are not making any money, they will just choose not to show up anymore. Uncle Tony isn’t able to whip out the IMS checkbook anymore to fund enough cars for a full field.

    As to the topic of your blog….maybe it is time for Brian Barnhardt to go. You claim it is just a bunch of CART enthusiasts trying to get rid of anything related to Tony George, but could it be the opposite? You just want him around as kind of a trophy, a connection to the old IRL? My guess is you would be pissed if someone like Tony Cotman replaced him simply because Tony Cotman came from the champcar series.

    You wrote the following………..

    “Mutineers who did not get their way after Tony George started the IRL. They boycotted the one event that gave them all of their legitimacy, forced some of the best drivers in the world to waste the prime of their careers in a dead end, and have spent the better part of the past sixteen years trying to impose their will on the sport.”

    The queston is, when are you going to grow up and move on. You are always crying about “lazy, unethical” journalists writing about the split, but you can’t seem to let it go, always telling it on your terms like Tony did nothing wrong, it was all the car owners, blah, blah, blah.
    Editor’s Note: The press corps that follows the Indy Car Series from venue to venue has their collective noses so far up the arse of Indy Car it’s laughable. No objectivity is possible when they could lose hard cards and freebies. By and large every single one of them is a propaganda conduit. As for Anton…if cart leadership would have used their brains they could have squished the then nascent IRL like a bug inside three weeks. Instead, they engaged in a series of the most stupid blunders in the history of sports and ended up killing themselves. Twice. I have moved on and enjoy Indy Car racing very much. Perhaps it’s time you and your little friends did the same.

    Comment by TroyM — August 23, 2011 @ 2:10 pm | Reply

  4. First, thanks for the nod to Spiro Agnew, and his speechwriter William Safire. Would have been nice to get the full ‘nattering nabobs of negativism’ quote in there. Can’t wait to see “hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history” and “an effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals” in one of your future ‘blame everything on fans of a series that failed. TWiCE. diareibes.’ Ironic, in a sense, that you would choose to quote a man who was forced to resign in disgrace in a post defending Brian Barnhart.

    Second, it constantly amazes me how you can blame anything and everything on former CART fans. I think if you read the now extensive (and multiple) threads on the Barnhart issue on Trackforum, you’ll find that the torchbearing mob isn’t just former CART fans; many longtime IRL/IICS supporters have had enough of the inconsistencies and arbitrariness.

    Whether or not he owned his mistake is immaterial. Too many times now the story has become about Brian Barnhart or the off track action, and not about the race itself. Whether it be the Helio blocking incident in Edmonton, the apparent ‘free pass’ given to Dario for his driving, the Loudon Restart (and subsequent ‘disappearing’ of five laps from the race) or the Will Power double-barrel ‘You’re #1, Brian’ salute, the off track rulings and issues of the series have detracted from the on track product. I understand the theory that all publicity is good publicity, but not when people are laughing at the series…because ‘Hey, lets watch the IndyCar race to see who there drivers will give the finger to this week’ isn’t going to help the long term growth.

    Maybe firing Barnhart is the solution; maybe it isn’t. Maybe if he was working off a rule book that didn’t have more holes that the swiss cheese I put on my pastrami sandwich last night we wouldn’t have the problem. But it has come to the point where Barnhart is the story. You have always commended Randy Bernard for listening to the fans; maybe this is a time you should encourage him to do so again.

    Comment by Steven Kornya — August 23, 2011 @ 3:13 pm | Reply

    • Yeah, I have to agree with Steve on this one. This is a far more widespread movement than just the hardest hardcore ex-CART Crapwagoneers. I’m hearing “fire Brian Barnhart” from all corners, including folks who were on the IRL side of the split and folks who have gotten 100% behind a unified Series (that’s where I live). What series Barnhart worked for before has far less to do with this than the consistent inconsistency that comes from Race Control nowadays. That’s why Brian probably ought to be out the door no later than the day after the Vegas finale, and preferrably much earlier (like, as in, before cars hit the track this Friday).

      Comment by The Speedgeek — August 24, 2011 @ 1:29 pm | Reply

  5. Fire da bum.

    Comment by Bill — August 24, 2011 @ 4:46 am | Reply

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