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August 24, 2011

Indy Car Renders A Decision About New Hampshire

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Well, we know now for sure that Ryan Hunter-Reay is still the winner of the Indy Car return to New Hampshire last week. Too bad for the protest filers. I do not have any problem with the decision. It was unanimous and decisive.

Many of the torch carrying witch hunters still want Barnhart’s head on the end of one of the stakes, and that is unsurprising as well given their proclivity toward simplistic thought and a lingering anti-George bias.

What real energy should be devoted to how obvious wet conditions on an oval led to the confusion in the first place. I remain of the opinion that Barnhart’s play calling is heavily influenced. That is the story that needs to be fleshed out. I have my doubts that will happen.

Too bad for Oriol Servia. It would be nice to see what is left of Newman Haas get another victory after all these years. They have been close and a win before the end of the year would be sweet. An honest win would be even sweeter. Hopefully they do not get discouraged.

The thing many of us are most concerned about is whether Loudon will be a stop next season. Hopefully it will. It needs three years to be fully developed, and SMI can do that. If they are really a partner they will help make it happen. That is a quality oval in a geographically desirable area.



  1. I also remain of the opinion that Barnhart’s play calling is heavily influenced. This brings us right back to the same situation we had in Toronto with the penalty/non-penalty. Here, as there, SOMETHING happened. The people who know won’t say. The people who can find out (are you listening Mr. Calvin), won’t.

    Comment by Chris Lukens — August 24, 2011 @ 10:05 pm | Reply

  2. I love Tony George and IndyCar. I believe TG did so many great things to re-energize the sport. However, if that momentum is to continue, the sport starting with its officials and/or referees need to be above reproach otherwise it is a joke and we will only hear more and more about how Penske and Ganassi get all the breaks. Unfortunately, this issue with Barnhart is not the first and whether he was the one making the call or not, he was certainly the boss of those who did make the call at NH. And he took the lumps for it as he should have. That being said, it is time for a change at this particular position. It isn’t for me–as stated above–about ushering out the TG era, but about what is best for the honor and credibility of the sport. Keeping Barnhart around is something CART would have done.

    Comment by Sean Daly — August 26, 2011 @ 4:57 pm | Reply

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