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Indy Car Labor Day Tradition: Wait, Where Are We Racing This Year?

Oh, that’s right. Another no-passing, narrow, no run-off street deal.

As the Indy Car Series heads to Baltimore for the first time for what they hope becomes a Labor Day tradition, reaction is mixed. Many are excited to see the fast parade along narrow city streets. Other natives are restless because the local government is propping this up with their money and screwing up traffic in Baltimore for the supposed greater good of ‘economic impact.’ Just as many people think this could become an annual event as those whose thinking is one and done a lot like ALMS at RFK Stadium in Washington DC a few years back.

Time will tell whether fans make it a regular stop. Many traditionalists in that region feel a return to Richmond and their actual permanent track is far more warranted. That said, the series has all but conceded oval racing to anyone else. Randy Bernard made Milwaukee an official ex-venue Thursday. Yeah, we understand the external promotion was lousy but why could Indy Car not have anticipated that? Alienation of legacy fans continues unabated. The new ‘three  biggest lies’ are:

1. This will only hurt a little.

2. I’ll only put in the head.

3. Randy Bernard saying Indy Car will help nurture and grow an event.

Another group of ‘fans’ seem to believe they know how to run the IZOD Indy Car Series better than those already running it. A small group of them has started a cute little ‘Fire Brian Barnhart’ page on Facebook, hoping to match the momentum others, like ‘Fire Donald Trump’ have in the past. Their approach is almost as tacky as their premise. Never mind that the CEO has flatly stated he supports Brian Barnhart 100%. As if Robin Miller behaving like a three year old on two national cable networks is not enough of an oozing, pus-filled lesion on Indy Car, these rocket scientists decided to include the screen capture of Will Power flying the double bird as the profile picture of their page. Of the few hundred who have ‘liked’ the page, many use traditional juvenile epithets; e.g., ‘Brainfart,’ to describe the guy they stupidly love to hate. Yeah, those approaches will be effective.

I remain dismayed about the continuing failure of the education system in our country.

5 replies to “Indy Car Labor Day Tradition: Wait, Where Are We Racing This Year?

  1. The only street course I’ll return to is Detroit’s on Belle Isle, and that’s only because I like Detroit so much.
    However, I would rather see a street course in Detroit, not on the island.
    That said, I’d rather see IndyCar return to Michigan International Speedway over any street course in the Motor City.
    Baltimore is a very nice city, but there’s no way I’ll go there to watch a street course race.
    I think you’re probably right that many fans in that area would rather see an IndyCar return to Richmond. I know I do.

  2. Dear Disciple, I see we are of one mind on the subject of posters using their “cute” names to describe the men and women of the sport or other issues near to it. If you use “Brainfart,” “NA$CAR,” “BSPN,” or some other description, I have dismissed your gripe outright. That is all.


    K. Lee Davis

    p.s. yes, I would love to put all my racing on one Web page. Six years in, I am working on it.

  3. Disciple = Sour puss. Ya better start canvassing 30000 of your closest friends to come to your coveted ovals ’cause it sure ain’t happening now!

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