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September 13, 2011

The Indy Car Cowboy Rides Again

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There was/is a debate somewhere along the Internet in which the merits of the nickname ‘cowboy’ for Randy Bernard are discussed. Is it complimentary or derogatory? Consensus seems to be that in his case it is a good thing. After all, they say, he was the driving force behind the Professional Bull Riders Association, and that is loaded with honest to goodness cowboys. It is considered complimentary when Tony Stewart is referred to as ‘Smoke’ or when Tom Sneva gets called the ‘gas man.’ Nicknames can be great when used in the proper spirit.

On the other hand, when jealous, 2nd grade level youthful enthusiasts use the moniker it seems greasy. Much like ‘sagamoron,’ ‘lucky sperm recipient’ or ‘FTG’ for his predecessor. They also refer to Randy in other less gracious ways, including ‘rodeo clown’ and ‘bullsh!tter.’ Any member of the Hulman-George family, whether blood relative or not, is also unspared in the delinquency department.

Much of that type of behavior is predictable. Some ‘fans’ never stop being three years old. I remain glad Indy Car has a CEO who pounds the pavement unrelentingly every week drumming up business and support.

Hopefully he gets to continue, despite the anchor that is the parent company. Perhaps he will fix the month-long gap between races in the USA that will make most casual fans forget all about Indy Car now that the NFL is back in season. I do not suspect many will be up this weekend in the middle of the night watching the Japanese switcheroo.


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  1. I hear the Indy Car Cowboy has been in Italy watching the Italian Grand Prix. I
    think he could learn more going to Atlanta or Richmond if he wants to save and
    grow this league.

    The Italian Grand Prix. Really? Tell me how this is a positive sign.

    Comment by Bob F. — September 13, 2011 @ 4:07 pm | Reply

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