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November 16, 2011

Are The Caretakers Of Indy Car And The IMS Legacy Qualified To Have The Responsibility?

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IMS recently sent a survey to some of their customers asking the question of whether Indy Cars should run the road course originally designed for Formula 1. No word on what the results are, but denials they are considering doing that were quick to follow.

If they are not considering it why would they even ask the question?

Besides, Indy Cars test on that course already. The official stance of purists decry such a possibility, figuring running more than one Indy Car race at the track would dilute the main event. As long as Indy Car suffers from its current relative lack of popularity that is a legitimate fear. Look no further for proof than NASCAR venues that have two Cup events. Most NASCAR events these days have glaring holes where people once sat.

Here’s an idea for IMS: Get Formula 1 back and have them run the road course. They could even run the old snakepit moto-chicane if they are still too nervous about turn one backwards. It appears the Austin deal is on the verge of collapse after Texas told the organizers money is no longer available, and the New Jersey street deal is still nothing more than a wet dream at this point. Absence makes the heart grow fonder; the crowd would probably be huge.

The move toward non-oval racing and non-balance continues to be troubling, but given the inmates actually running the asylum behind the scenes is hardly surprising. After all, the entire ladder that has been constructed consists of road racing formulas, and enthusiasts of that genre have infiltrated many high levels of management at IMS and Indy Car.

The last remaining group of Indy Car fans not yet completely alienated by Indy Car direction is about to be, particularly when a 70/30 or 80/20 schedule filled with non-ovals is officially released. We’re tired of weak excuses about ‘lack of oval popularity’ and other such nonsense self-fulfilling prophecy. They need to put their money where their mouths are and provide a balanced schedule. For the 2012 season.



  1. The 3 sisters need to put the money back on the table. They couldn’t have picked a better time to pull the plug, so soon after unification. It was at that moment they should have gone just a little bit further. Give Randy 100 million to work with and I promise their would be a balanced schedule.

    You make it sound like Randy isn’t trying and that he has given up on ovals. Achieving a balanced schedule is still a priority but at this moment in time he is being dealt some very tough hands. I think he may have a way to run the ovals without losing money, give him a chance to make it happen. It will take time. Take it from a road racer who loves oval racing too. I remember when there were no road courses {i didn’t follow champ car} They slowly started coming back. Now we are swamped with city circuits which frankly, sucks. Stock cars at road america, this is a nightmare that must end.

    the “we are all victims of the 3 witches that want balanced budgets instead of schedules” fan of IndyCar

    Comment by atb73 — November 16, 2011 @ 1:53 pm | Reply

    • I am not sure they have much time. The China race makes no sense unless you want to be F1 Lite and add some more international flavor to the league. If its a short term business decision to get revenue, it will kill the leaue in the long run.

      The talk of an Indy car race on the infield course shows that these people have no clue to how tradition at Indy holds so many race fans together. Do that and all the oval race fans are gone. And the 50 who like road/street courses will have to watch CART III implode again.

      Then Jimmy Johnson might get his dream to drive in the Indy 500. What an outrage that would be.

      Comment by Bob F. — November 16, 2011 @ 5:17 pm | Reply

  2. LOL, really? Just now you’re asking this question in November of 2011?

    Editor’s Note: The reasons for the question probably differ from the reasons others ask it. My concern involves schedule balance.

    Comment by throw some ds on that b!tch — November 17, 2011 @ 5:31 am | Reply

    • What spurred the question is irrelevant next to the question itself. What took you so long to understand that running a sports league may not be best determined by birthright?

      Editor’s Note: You are adding thoughts that are unrelated to the rhetorical question I was asking. IMHO the birthright IMS owners have make them more than merely having a right. We’ve seen what happens when folks rebel.

      Comment by throw some ds on that b!tch — November 17, 2011 @ 2:48 pm | Reply

      • As is often the case in your blog posts, you didn’t actually assess the actual ability or qualifications of those in charge in spite of that being the very title of the post. Instead of doing that, you chose to basically write a wordy version of “MOAR OVALS”. I assume that’s because you’ve accepted that any actual, tangible qualifications aside from “Owns Indianapolis Motor Speedway” are irrelevant in relation to the topic you chose to not actually write about.

        Editor’s Note: As is often the case with your replies, the obsession you flaunt seems spooky. That family has operated their property successfully for 65 years despite the best efforts of a generational set of arrogant outsider idiots to screw it up almost every decade. Show a little respect. I worry about dilution of that particular gene pool sometimes, particularly when one of them opens their mouth. But their commitment to IMS has never wavered. If only some of the people they have put in charge of things had the same sense of ownership there would be no worries. Most important, without that family there would be no sport for any of us to enjoy.

        Comment by throw some ds on that b!tch — November 18, 2011 @ 1:18 am

  3. I agree with you. The road course at Indy would be a horrible idea. The series needs to have a balance of ovals, but I am not sure IMS is willing to spend the money again that is needed. I don’t mind the China race if they add another race in lets say Australia, so that you have back to back races instead of a long gap. Know if they can make enough money by going to China in order to sponcer another oval like Milwaukee then I am all for it.

    Editor’s Note: I just wish they would schedule the far flung money grabs during a part of the season when folks are doing something else, like watching the NFL. Having this event in August, right in the middle of racing season when the NFL is not playing, is well beyond foolish.

    Comment by Brian from NY — November 17, 2011 @ 2:04 pm | Reply

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