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November 29, 2011

What I Want For Christmas From Indy Car

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Well, other than full length videos of every Indy Car race since television was invented (which I will buy…)

The 2012 schedule is the big Christmas wish from the IZOD Indy Car Series. Preferably with the promised mix of ovals and non-ovals. Unclear is the holdup that is delaying release. The most commonly heard reason is the Wheldon crash investigation. I am not sure why. What happened in Vegas seemed pretty clear to me. The subterfuge and obfuscation being offered by the road racers now trying to 1979 the series all over again should be set aside and should have no bearing on the makeup of the new schedule.

The critics are getting desperate. The propaganda campaign being waged by those who were welcomed back and minions who made their living in one portion of the past are still desperate to turn back the clock. These actions are in many ways more grotesque than the sordid excuse the Wheldon accident gave them. Many of them are openly questioning whether Randy Bernard should stick around. So much for ‘unity’ Randy.

It is my hope the delay is related to negotiations with oval venues. A schedule top-heavy with non-ovals puts us on a certain course to failure and irrelevancy. Given the laughable financial outcome of the Baltimore Grand Prix, the imminent failure of the Formula 1 event in Austin before any pavement is laid and the fact that road racing has never been anything more than a sportsman niche in this country, who in their right mind believes non-ovals are the way to go for most of the races? The excuse ‘they go where they can make the most money’ does nothing to grow the sport, particularly when public entities are left holding empty bags after the transporters leave.

So Indy Car…don’t cave to the usual suspects. Blaze a course and leverage the promotion skills Randy brings to the table. Let him do his thing without trying to exert pressure that is mostly related to self interests. Everyone can get rich if they play their cards right. Glorified club racing is not the way to go.

On a related note, when will the ladder system start functioning as it should? Why doesn’t the 2010 Lights Champion have a ride? Why are all the rungs of the ladder road racing series? When will an oval ladder series or two get added? The future direction needs to incorporate the diverse philosophy that has been espoused. The plans need to come to fruition.

Happy Holidays from the Disciple group of Indy Racing fans.



  1. The 2010 Champ (Vernay) has a ride with Peugot in the WEC, and will contend for a 24 hours of LeMans victory. A far better ride than the Conquest or Part season DRR gigs he would have gotten had he stayed in IndyCar.

    The 2011 champ is another story. Hopefully the holdup with Josef is whether he simply runs for Schmidt or if Andretti buys him out for Dan’s seat.

    Some thing to cheer you up? Panther and JRH are testing the new car at Homestead next week.

    Comment by JPindycar — November 29, 2011 @ 3:05 pm | Reply

  2. critics aren’t happy with bernard and will use any ammo against him because he’s part of Indycar (see: IRL) and they want Indycar to fail. Because CART failed. Then they’ll be happy. bernard is working with engineers to try to make running the mile and a half slanted ovals safer. I think they’ll make it work so they can still race at some. but I still think you’re dreaming when you want more than 5 ovals this year. the good thing is I think bernard is seriously trying to save ovals. I don’t think the old CART crowd is using bernard to “win” by scheduling more ovals, I think it’s 1) a serious reaction to Weldon’s death, and 2) economically risky to run most ovals. It doesn’t matter if we think it’s bad marketing or just disinterest, the fact is Indycar ovals haven’t been drawing fans or viewers.

    don’t put your eggs in the oval basket for this year, disciple, or you will be very disappointed.

    Comment by redcar — November 29, 2011 @ 3:10 pm | Reply

    • sorry. I meant to say “using bernard to win by scheduling more twisties” (not ovals).

      Comment by redcar — November 29, 2011 @ 8:28 pm | Reply

  3. Ever heard of youtube mate ??? or perhaps google ???

    You’ll be surprised at the amount of IRL and Champcar races floating theses days.

    Editor’s Note: Call me old fashioned, but I would much rather see a slickly produced, high quality, full length rendition with theater quality sound on a 55+” HD screen than badly edited snippets of intellectual property theft designed for those with not much in the area of attention span. Not a knock…just a preference.

    Comment by tuber — November 30, 2011 @ 8:26 am | Reply

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