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Farewell To Indy Car’s Newman-Haas Racing Team

Newman-Haas Racing announced yesterday they were pulling the plug on their 2012 effort and exiting business. That is hardly surprising as Paul Newman is deceased and Carl Haas is getting up there in terms of years. The primary problem is that Newman-Haas has some darned fine folks working in their organization. Come the end of December they are on their own. The rich legacy of NHR in cart aside, the people who currently make up that team did a whole lot with very little in 2011. Oriol Servia showed why he is still a top notch driver and they also made a star out of James Hinchcliffe.

Is this a bad thing for Indy Car? Probably not long term. Great teams come and great teams go. It happens over time and always has. The promise of new teams means great people who made NHR could end up on newly formed or existing potentially great teams. At least that is the hope. Newman-Haas always seemed to be one of those ‘unified’ teams with a chip on their shoulder about the past. Some on the team have used defiant, contrary language since they moved over. They even still tout themselves as on of cart’s most winning teams. In that regard it is probably good there won’t be a Newman-Haas Racing, but bad if they are not replaced by an even better team with none of that type of baggage.

What is most important is hoping the best of that team stay in the series and make teams they end up working for better. Oriol Servia and James Hinchcliffe are certainly worthy of quality rides in the series. What seems appropriate is thanks to Newman-Haas Racing for years of exciting competition and colorful, talented drivers in the cockpits supported by equally talented team members, especially in their glory days when cart was relevant.

The folks in my group of racing fans hopes for the very best with regard to those on the Newman-Haas team.

2 replies to “Farewell To Indy Car’s Newman-Haas Racing Team

  1. It’s the end of an era, and I’ll miss Newman-Haas Racing; they had some good drivers and a lot of wins, although, sadly, none at Indy. It was inevitable, with, as you say, Newman is gone and Haas getting up there in years. Still, they provided us with some good moments and good memories from 1983 on, the dispute with TG not withstanding.

  2. i am deeply saddened by the passing of this team, congratulations you can make an article without being IRL biased. This team was my favorite team to cheer for, when they were in CART, then champcar, then ccws, and also from 2008 on obivously. I remember growing up as a kid seeing some of the best drivers in the world in there cars, and also (with the exception of this year) i always thought their cars were always the best looking on the grid. You are so right, they certainly have a ton of talent on the engineering side of things, and they proved oriol servia needs a top notch ride, and i think james hinchliffe would be perfect for that go-daddy ride at andretti. I really don’t think all there crew will be out of work for long, i think other teams will pick them up, and that will be good for their teams. And your also right in that i didn’t think this was a surprise, Paul passed away in 2008, and Carl’s health was so bad that he couldn’t even attend one race this year. I’m gonna miss seeing the cigar smoking gang in the paddock at the races i attend, Indy, Iowa, Milwaukee(really hope it comes back), detroit, Michigan(really hope that comes back), and mid ohio……. Goodbye Newman-Haas Racing, i will carry on your legacy by wearing my “the mayor of hinchtown” shirt at every race i attend next year

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