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Indy Car Loose; About To Hit The Wall?

The latest piece of Indy Car propaganda being disseminated in the popular press is talk of a 2012 Indy Car schedule that consists of just 14 events heavy on festivals o’ speed and with only three ovals. Even more incredibly is a whacko notion that Texas will not be a part of the schedule.

If that gets by Randy Bernard then he has failed miserably.

An Indy Car schedule without highly touted balance and without Texas is an utterly and completely insane notion. It is not acceptable. If they actually go down that road then the end of the story is easy to tell. As a lifelong fan I would prefer not having to start over again.

Indy Car seems fearful to control its own destiny. I understand supposed edicts not to spend any more money but why would they have to? Why should they rely on a business model that has failed miserably most every time it has been attempted? It is not possible to build a bunch of Long Beach events. They seem hellbent on once again trying this errant strategy that has failed multiple times anyway. How many times has Belle Isle alone failed? And they are trying it again? That is foolish.

Why would they put themselves in a position in which they get paid but leave a trail of lawsuits, stench, screwed municipalities and burned bridges? That is a proven recipe for failure.

I am tired of excuses. I want to see Indy Car, Randy Bernard in particular, use

Randy Bernard Gets Dragged Into Another Owner Meeting

the talent base he has supposedly built to create the balanced schedule he envisions. They need to be selling their own event sponsorships, reinventing oval events and creating buzz without reliance on events that assault the tradition of the sport.

Indy Car is about to shut out the last remaining group of fans they have not already alienated. It is not too much to ask that these people use their brains, respect history and build a future the right way. A 50/50 balance of ovals to non-ovals is already a huge compromise. They need to make it work. 14 events with only 3 ovals is not going to get it done and will most certainly fail. If the road racing pretty boys who now control the puppet strings don’t want any 1.5 milers they can easily be replaced by real racers. Their disruptive nonsense got really old a long time ago. Enough! Indy Car needs to go on the offensive for once.

8 replies to “Indy Car Loose; About To Hit The Wall?

  1. I’m not saying it will, but if the investigation into Weldon’s accident puts some of the blame on 1 1/2 mi. Nascar ovals, then how could Indycar continue to race on them? So–for now–there goes Vegas and Texas (“two” races.) So if they leave those tracks it will be because of safety reasons and that’s hard to argue with. How can they race at Milwaukee again without losing money–no one went to the race. Randy couldn’t get Indycar back to New Hampshire with a crowbar because the track owner and management don’t want Indycar. Because no one went to the race. Chicago doesn’t want Indycar because they can’t make money on Indycar. And unlike the previous administration, Randy is held to a mandate to–at the least–not lose money. And while he tries to cultivate ovals, he’s had to work under the spectre of the Vegas wreck. I believe Bernard when he says he wants a 50/50 split. I also understand all the reasons that might not happen this coming year, but I have faith that he’ll continue to work on ovals for the future. It’s way to easy just to blame things on Bernard.

  2. Okay i actually agreed with all of your comments except when you said “the real racing pretty boys… can be replaced by real drivers” haha good laugh, road racers are the real racers. But like i’ve been trying to tell you for a couple months now, i agree, they need more ovals, i’d love to see new hampshire, richmond, milwaukee, gateway, and even motegi and rockingham (uk) all back on the schedule…. until the reveal the investigation on what happened on the death trap 1.5 milers, like vegas, i am going to stick to my notion that they should not race on them. The only 1.5 miler i consider real racing is homestead (before they ruined it)…… Redcar makes great points, Randy can’t afford to lose money anymore because your savior Tony George (ruined indycar) lost so much money, nobody showed up at new hampshire, or milwaukee…. and the 1.5 milers are too dangerous, so what do you want from him. i expect by 2013 there will be more of a balance in the schedule, thats because they might figure out a way to race on the 1.5 milers by then, until then they cannot make the same mistakes again, it will be hard for the remaining 14 diehard IRL fans left to suck it up for this year, but do it, meanwhile 98% of the fan base loves the schedule this year (my family included) but i know we need more ovals to shut up idiots like yourself

    1. I can hear it now “Real drivers drive Parades”.

      Fact is, they have been racing on ovals for over 100 years. If there is a problem with ovals, its not the oval itself, its the business model and the will of the participants. Nascar stole the old model, and you judge their success. Because Indycar can now drink from the government nipple, we are going to get street parades for the foreseeable future because they are easy money (although Baltimore may be the beginning of the end for those as more municipalities reconsider their support of the parades.)

      I for one will not long support this league if it becomes F1 Lite as a bunch of F1 wannabees buy rides. Three ovals are not acceptable. We need minimum standards for drivers as pertains to experience on ovals. I know Indy used to have that. That would put an end to the “dangerous ovals.”

  3. This schedule will no longer be “Indy Car” racing. even with the new car it will be like making NFL players play soccer. These cars are basically designed for whipping around an oval. It is easy to see how there are multiple car pile ups at tight corners like in Toronto and St. Pete. Formula 1 cars get around Monte Carlo pretty good in comparison because they are designed as road circuit cars not oval cars. However, it should not be a case of one or the other. Road circuit cars in a road division would be worth watching even on street courses. A separate oval division with oval cars would compliment not compete with road courses. There should not be a continuing fight between the two types of courses (or fans). This is just a concept and the business end is different but promotion for the oval races, especially NH, seems to be lacking. No wonder the stands are empty.

    1. the old Dallara was designed for ovals, but the new one (despite reported problems) was (to my understanding) designed for road courses.

      1. That sounds like the end of ovals is approaching, like making football players kick a round ball and not use their hands(and no tackling).

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