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2012 Indy Car Schedule: Let’s Hope The Mayans Haven’t Nailed It.

The 2012 Indy Car was ‘officially’ (kinda) released in the days before Christmas. 15 events. Only four ovals including Indy and 11 non-ovals; mostly temporary street festivals o’ speed. Many aspects of this half-assed effort remain troubling, including vague promises of one or two more. This is the same kind of nonsense cart/champcar foisted before they killed themselves. Twice.

-It is admittedly early, but how on earth could the death of one popular participant in a sport that has had deaths of popular participants for over one hundred years bring the sport to a complete, grinding halt for a couple of months? Why was that allowed to happen? That is unprecedented.

-If leadership of the series preaches the importance of balance, what is balanced about a 75/25 non-oval to oval schedule?

-One of the easiest rationalizations Indy Car can make these days is that ‘ovals just aren’t popular anymore.’ How do they explain NASCAR’s continuing popularity then? It seems more like the self fulfilling prophecy of road racing enthusiasts who prefer non-ovals and are mostly scared of ovals.

-Indy Car dropping great ovals every year is revolting. The fact that even ONE of the Midwest ovals is nowhere to be found is insulting. Chicagoland? Kentucky? Milwaukee? All gone, mostly the inexcusable result of sheer neglect.

Bernard and crew are going to have to realize that in order to achieve the balance they say they desire he and his cronies MUST:

-Commit to making ovals work. Haphazard and inconsistent scheduling, unintelligible promotion, nickel-and-dime ala carte pricing, lack of any sort of meaningful show-biz presentation of oval events, including a dearth of non-race day activities and an arrogant approach to ovals will kill even the best ones off over time.

-Convince television ‘partners’ to stop relegating Indy Car to the same level of importance as Lithuanian womens junior soccer except when someone dies. That takes patience, education, cajoling, threats, bribes and all sort of other behaviors when the situation calls for them.

-The online presence and offerings (or lack thereof) of Indy Car remains an absolute joke.

-Change the way in which the pricing model is structured.

-Take control of their own destiny.

Disciple and crew wish all fellow racing fans a very happy new year in 2012, but Indy Car is going to have to something substantive about their unbalanced, loyalty killing schedule. Jettisoning ovals without regard to fans or potential will do far more harm than they are capable of understanding, and history is the best teacher of that. It could be worse. Indy Lights only has twelve events again. Three ovals. Way to prepare those stars of tomorrow.

5 replies to “2012 Indy Car Schedule: Let’s Hope The Mayans Haven’t Nailed It.

  1. Thus, the Trojan horse of CART completes its mission . Sure, ten, twelve years ago it was encouraging to see CART teams again taking oval racing seriously and join the IRL. But starting around 2005 it has been the gradual CARTification of the former IRL. The Indy Streetrace Series is now actually CART 3.0. The only sensible (not necessarily politically workable) answer is two complimentary (i.e., not competing against each other) divisions, oval and street racing, both counting towards a national championship. It is not an either or situation with most Indy car fans, they want to see both types of tracks. Two divisions would get more teams and drivers involved, with of course, the right amount of cost control, promotion and dedication. Let’s see Dario and the gang run 25-30 races a year in two divisions! Just remember 40-50 years ago the Foyts and Andrettis were running several times a week in different types of cars.

  2. We seriously don’t need you, your negativity, and horrible opinions attempting to sabotage positive momentum. Stop watching, writing, and lying and go away.
    Editor’s Note: Who’s ‘we?’ Who’s lying?

  3. Versus is finally NBS Sports Network and NBC has given the switch publicity over the air….how long before the head honchos at NBC figure out that having Indy Car on its sports branded network makes little business sense after factoring in the dismal ratings, lack of broad national interest in open wheel racing, the scarcity of well known personalities in the series following Danica’s departure to NASCAR and, most importantly, the fact that the series’ biggest draw, the Indy 500, is broadcast on its rival ABC…forget about the series moving toward a better TV package, we may end up with the series having the 500 and a few other races televised on a major network and the rest shown on tape delay on Spike TV or another basic cable channel…that would make your ‘Champ Car’ 3.0 conspiracy theory complete….again, we must thank TG and his failed vision for this sorry state of affairs….and Happy 2012 to you too…Defender.

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