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December 29, 2011

Practical Seating Solutions for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Rumor has it that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is no longer selling 500 tickets in the lower rows of some of the Vistas in the north and south ends. Some assume it is a safety measure. Realistically the challenge of selling tickets these days is also a factor.

Here is a far better and more fan friendly suggestion to consider. Why not make the existing seats wider and space the rows another six to ten inches away from each other? The population in general today is much larger than in years past. Not selling seats but bunching folks closer together in smaller available space does nothing to enhance the fan experience.

It is really annoying to poke and be poked in the back with knees, coolers, ashes and other annoyances. And heaven forbid that someone may want to get up for refreshments or restrooms and walk to the end of an aisle.

Spread the fans out and the place will look just as full. Empty sections of grandstands tend to look glaring. Think about it the next time a grandstand is dismantled for regalvanizing. 


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  1. Pack them into the infield. Start ringing the infield with grandstands, start small in the corners. The look of a standing room only crowd shows well. When I went to the ’02 500, they allowed us to pack in way too much garb. we were loaded down with unnecessary crap. scanners, cameras, souvenier bags, cooler, etc. Not only did we suffer, but also those around us. I love the picture above. Damn straight she should pay for 2 plane tickets, and make it 3 next year.

    Comment by atb73 — January 2, 2012 @ 5:46 pm | Reply

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