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January 4, 2012

Has Indy Car Located Another New Savior? Many Of The Enthusiasts Believe That To Be True.

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The IZOD Indy Car Series has hired a Brian Barnhart Race Control replacement. It is yet another cart refugee for whom its vocal enthusiasts are effusive with worship. Beaux Barfield sounds like a character from the movie ‘Driven.’ His experience includes driving, being on the race control team in champcar and running those operations the past few years for the ALMS series. He has also been a road racing instructor.

Basically what we have is another road racing specialist who used to work for cart in a high place in a series that has managed to jettison all but four ovals, despite continuing flowery double speak from the tippy top that includes a lot of seemingly wishful oval fantasies.

Here is what I want to know. As we regress headlong toward mostly self-perceived (by cart enthusiasts anyway) utopian days of 1995, when will we begin seeing the kind of success they believed we had before everyones’ favorite whipping boy Tony ‘f#(%*d everything up?’ Mere rumors that Tony will have anything to do with Indy Car in the future just drives the enthusiasts nutty. They have managed to eliminate most all of the Tony cronies and replace them with folks who have tangible connections to ‘the good old days,’ so when will these folks finally begin working the magic long implied that they have?

The cart-centric have been screeching hysterically for years about how bad they believe things are; e.g., bad ratings, bad attendance, bad management, bad gomers, bad promotion, bad Dallaras, bad 1.5 mile ovals, bad EVERYTHING…but now that their kind is pervasive in the upper echelon, where is the improvement? Oh, I know, we still have air scoops and no Lolas or Reynards, but that is probably only a matter of time as well.

I guess we will see if Beaux knows.

On another note and speaking of promotion, Michael Andretti is part of the cast of the 12th season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ the Donald Trump lowest common denominator reality show that, along with most other popular programming, really dumbs it down for the national audience. Michael, the Donald and many other cast members were promoting their adventure on the Today show this morning.

When will the fifth oval be announced?



  1. At least now, if open-wheel ultimately fails, you can blame it on CART again.

    I hear a lot about the lack of ovals, but realistically, they don’t work–blame what or who you want–nobody goes to see ovals. I believe that Bernard is sincere in trying to bring them back, but only if they become profitable.

    And it wouldn’t surprise me if the mystery finale was an oval. The sky (despite the rhetoric) is not falling.

    Comment by redcar — January 4, 2012 @ 9:45 pm | Reply

  2. what did barfield do to you? give the guy a chance to prove how good he is, he is as honest of a race director that i’ve ever seen, a lot of the IRL(which is dead) love this guy, a lot of the champcar(also dead, it is called INDYCAR now, so i suggest you get over it) love the guy as well. I have never seen him favor with one team, or a driver, and he has clear rules. I love the move, and as for the celebrity apprentice, yes its dumb but it is the highest watched show on NBC and that gives me hope that NBC cares a little about indycar and the new NBC sports network…..
    P.S.: is was so nice not having to read your ridiculous articles about how 100% IRL you are, and bad mouthing the champcar fans. you also tell us to not live in the past, well how about you eat your own words, i look forward to one article that you can just give a solid opinion without being so biased

    Comment by birel 0499 — January 4, 2012 @ 11:02 pm | Reply

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