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March 6, 2012

IndyCar’s Next Anticipated Fan Screwing

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The biggest outside supporter of Indy Car in the United States since 1997, Eddie Gossage of ‘…the second home of Indy Cars—Texas Motor Speedway,’ has not had cordial things to say lately about even rumors of a driver boycott the track due to pack racing and safety concerns about the fencing.

Gossage told racintoday.com that he believes driver pontification constitutes damage to the sport, especially when it contains talk of potential boycotting. He feels drivers running their yaps in such a manner is irresponsible and lacking in common sense.

This racing fan agrees. It is no coincidence the drivers who competed at Texas from the inception of the first IRL race until about 2005 not only did not complain but provided some of the best, closest actual racing ever seen in any discipline race after race. It is not hard to understand Eddie’s viewpoint, particularly after the arrogant, irresponsible stunt many of the exact same pedigree of drivers pontificating today pulled at his track in April, 2001. They waltzed in there waving their genitals around like they were the best thing since sex, then proceeded to screw themselves, Eddie and the locked out racing fans all because they failed to perform adequate due diligence beforehand and keep their egos in check.

The oval-skilled drivers who fully understood how to race close and with respect on ovals have been replaced in Indy Car by foreign formula racers whose philosophies and instincts are different. Formula trained racers are usually aggressive on the track and self-enforce a code of conduct that allows passing only in a prescribed manner at set points. It is far more contrived than oval racing. When the aggression they have is applied to an oval like Texas, the results are predictable.

That is why the formula racers want to eliminate anything even remotely resembling racing in a pack. Their aggression will get them in trouble, as it did in Vegas. There is a right way and a wrong way to express concern about fence posts at race tracks. The drivers, of course, chose the most ill-advised way they possibly could. Oddly, there is virtually no concern about fences at any other track. Then again, the banking is not as steep.

The worst part about the current IndyCar regression to the early 1990s is the screwing race fans will no doubt take when either Eddie does not invite them back for 2013 or the de facto leadership of the series talks Randy Bernard into not renewing the contract, even though the event draws between 80K and 100K every time. Hey, with new formula racers like Luca Filippi being brought into the fold how could Texans ever turn away? LOL.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. And mark my words, fans will end up screwed in the end over Texas. The egos are at it again, and the ones on the Indy Car side are willing to let it go. What a horrible waste.




    I guess you could add “ON OVALS!”

    Comment by Bob F. — March 6, 2012 @ 4:45 pm | Reply

  2. Unfortunately, you are wrong on several accounts on this blog Disciple. First fact is that not one driver has said anything about a boycott. Name me one. Every driver that has been asked about it has said the opposite. In fact when Jenna Fryer tried to reach Eddie for clarification he played stupid and said no one has called him which Ms. Fryer pointed out that she had, but no one returned her call. Eddie also can’t come up with one name on who said anything about a boycott . The only person who said anything about a boycott was your pal Robin Miller. It’s funny how he is ridiculed in one blog and he is gospel in another. Also, what makes you think Eddie is such a fan of INDYCAR when all he ever does now is bad mouth the hell out of it. Take a look at Eddies’ twitter or Facebook account and you will see who he follows and likes, NASCAR. Eddie is in the business of making money and when he doesn’t think he can make money with INDYCAR he will dump them and knock the crap out of them while he is doing it.

    The fact is Davey Hamilton and Kenny Brack might take exception to your love of pack racing, and the average fan understands that INDYCAR is different then NASCAR. In NASCAR pack racing when a driver makes a mistake, which happens three to four times a race, a half a dozen cars are wadded up. The difference is that NASCAR is driving a lot slower and their cars are built like tanks. I guarantee that if they had to drive an INDYCAR instead of an stock car they would say the same thing about pack racing.

    Also, concerning the Texas race with CART in 2001, you are totally wrong. The drivers were running high 230’s during practice at TEXAS, much quicker then the IRL cars. Second, the call to cancel the race was due to the recommendations of the medical staff to the CART officials. It had nothing to due with the drivers except that they were almost all suffering from varies degree’s of neurological problems due to the high G force levels. To run that race under those condition would have been criminal. Should CART have done a better job of testing before the race, yes. Did the officials of CART screw up? Sure they did, but it had nothing to do with the drivers. Eddie was pissed because of the lost money. He didn’t give a crap about the drivers welfare. The problem with the 2001 race was that they tested in early spring, but the conditions were so much faster when the came back latter in the year. If anything INDYCAR learned that lesson by moving the testing date for the teams to May. That’s why Eddie screaming his head off after they announce they are moving the date makes no sense. You would think Eddie has learned his lesson.
    Editor’s Note: Couple of quick points: 1) Both Kenny Brack and Davey Hamilton are walking around healthy as horses with all of their limbs intact. 2) If every oval track president showed as much enthusiasm year in and year out as Eddie Gossage does, despite nearly continuous biting of the hand that feeds them by Indy Car participants and management, no one would be worried about anything in Indy Car. Alienation of Gossage for whatever reason is foolish.

    Texas has built itself into a legacy event, and in the event it is dropped for any reason that will become the single most stupid thing Indy Car has done in 100 years.

    Comment by Brian in NY — March 6, 2012 @ 6:15 pm | Reply

    • Name one driver?
      I’ll name four.
      Tony Kanaan “dont think boycotting is the right thing to do AT THIS TIME.”
      Justin Wilson “not the right thing to do BUT I WOULDN’T RULE IT OUT.”
      Marco & JR H both tweeted that they the opposed the boycott. Do you think
      they were moved to make a statement about some nonexistent event that no
      one was talking about.

      D – I have a question. I read the Racintoday.com article and it stated that the
      fencing at Texas is identical to Las Vegas’, Eddie G, and others who should
      know, say it is not. Do you know where we can get the straight scoop on this?
      Editor’s Note: I asked Eddie. He says the posts are on the grandstand side of the fence.

      Comment by Chris Lukens — March 6, 2012 @ 11:29 pm | Reply

      • Marco Andretti Twitter “Watching wind tunnel… Indy car drivers boycott the big ovals? News to me. Not the kind of press we need in my opinion. Disappointing.” JR Hilderbrand Twitter “Agree” It’s funny that Marco remarked about a boycott, but that it was “News to me.” Don’t you think if they were talking about a boycott that maybe he would have heard about it before Eddie Gossage or Robin Miller? Every driver that has been asked has clearly said that they never talked about boycotting, but that doesn’t seem to sink into some people’s head. Eddie Gossage is making up a controversy to try to either sell tickets or get out of a contract with INDYCAR. With friends like Eddie who needs enemy’s.
        Editor’s Note: Eddie Gossage has traditionally been Indy Car’s biggest supporter outside Indy. I know he has an ego, but Indy Car would be much better off with about five or six more of him.

        Comment by Brian in NY — March 7, 2012 @ 12:25 pm

  3. You do the same thing by constantly running your mouth, if you don’t like IndyCar than stop watching!!!!You also did not pay much attention to the most recent articles that the drivers said they are going to race and the media release was just like you posting opinions not facts .I will not visit this sh!t sight ever again good luck you IndyCar hater!.
    Editor’s Note: Steve, seriously. Learn how to comprehend things you think you read. I do not hate Indy Car. I attend most events every year. I disagree with many parts of the current direction being forced by the formula racers currently pulling the strings. There is a difference. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    Comment by steve — March 6, 2012 @ 6:33 pm | Reply

  4. Just wanted to say I apologize for rushing to judgement and I agree with much of what you say. The opinions are hard to accept but I do listen to others. Ya the door hit me in the ass! but I still have to come back, not in defeat but out of respect to others. The drivers have always pushed for safety but now with instant media we hear more about it. Ranting about displeasure hearsay bothers me, that is why I was an ass. The drivers are diverse and I think it is a good thing. Do we need more American fan base? I think so, but that does not mean the drivers we have don’t belong. Texas is a great track and IndyCar will still be there and put on a good show, I may be wrong but I believe not.

    Comment by steve — March 7, 2012 @ 12:00 pm | Reply

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